Is this Nokia’s mysterious Lumia 601 Windows Phone?

By Tom Warren, on 19th Nov 11 9:56 pm with 25 Comments

An image of an alleged Nokia Lumia 601 device leaked to the Internet on Saturday.

The device is expected to represent Nokia’s push to low-end and cheaper Windows Phone devices for 2012. Pocketnow managed to secure an image of the device on Saturday, noting that it might not be genuine. The Nokia Lumia 601 appears to be identical to a device spotted in a Nokia promotional video for developers.

Nokia posted a video earlier this week that contained a mysterious new Windows Phone. The interesting part of the video is how the capacitive Windows Phone buttons disappear on the device when the screen is off. Existing capacitive devices from the likes of HTC and Samsung and even Nokia’s own Lumia 800 device all feature capacitive buttons that are typically white and backlit.

Nokia removed the video of the device and the image leak could indicate that this is one of Nokia’s next Windows Phone devices for 2012. Nokia is understood to be preparing its U.S. Windows Phones for an announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in early 2012. The Finnish handset maker is working with AT&T to launch its Nokia Lumia Windows Phone at CES 2012. Microsoft is planning to support Nokia’s re-entry into the U.S. market with a large presence at CES 2012. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans have indicated to WinRumors that Nokia is in talks with several U.S. carriers to provide an LTE compatible handset as its first U.S. Windows Phone device. AT&T is expected to be the primary launch partner of any Nokia Windows Phone devices in the United States. Nokia is also in talks with other U.S. carriers to bring its Windows Phone devices to market on rival networks.

Nokia Lumia 601

  • Anonymous

    Looks better than the Lumia 800 IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Still no FF camera? Come on Nokia.

    • Anonymous

      dude it’s not even a real picture, calm down!

    • Acftootsie12

      You know I gotta say, I’ve never used the one on my iPhone. Must not be something I need a lot so wouldn’t care if it had one or not.

  • Anonymous

    Thats hot

  • Denis Jelec

    Anope. ’twas already discovered by folks on PocketNow/Nokia blog that this is a bad, BAD photoshop at work. Bottom part of the phone is simply a copy/paste of its front image, and you can clearly see blurred stitches on the sides directly above. Furthermore, camera part is basically a cutout from C7. So there, it is not. :)

    While front part of the image may be one of upcoming Nokia models, it might be merely a prototype or template they worked on, although the removal of the video for developers that included it is kind of suspicious. :)

    • Josh T.

       I think it’s just a mock-up that someone’s made after seeing that leaked ad, earlier. Well spotted, though. I didn’t notice it was ‘shopped until you pointed it out.

    • Guest

      Thank goodness: FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Garen Yöndem

    Mybe a pair from Nokias cheap wp7 plan. They look really crap

  • David Petrla

    It has no side buttons. Or are they capacitive too?

    The back is clearly photoshopped. “Nokia” twice? Three speakers?

  • Pedro Roque

    What the hell? The guy didn’t have photoshop, so he did this with MS Paint???

  • Anonymous

    Looks suuuuuuuuuuuper fake.

  • John Mccallum

    This is fake, like Kobe Bryant

    • Anonymous

      Kobe’s 5 Championship rings are very real.

  • Anonymous

    Sexy… but as everyone else has said, most definitely a fake.

  • Acftootsie12

    Well I gotta say I like the 800 better.

  • CG

    That looks like a freaking massive speaker on the bottom. Nokia, give me boomblaster in mah phone (though preferably on something that doesn’t look as crap as this photoshopped one)!

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    It looks fake… and foremost its lacking that “Nokia concept” design. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s photoshopped. The faker probably couldn’t afford photoshop.

  • Nguyen Ngoc Hung

    You know it is Nokia right at the first sight. Its a disign that cant never be missed. God. Look good. Love that it is the 601 which mean more affordable for me. I think its almost time to dumb my Trophy to go back to Nokia. But the camera looks fake. 710 is more expensive and have a 5mp camera :|

  • Wizard

    on the rear of the phone there is no mention of Windows Phone, instead it displays Nokia two times, which itself reasons for it being a fake

    • Luke

      My Lumia 800 has absolutely no Windows Phone branding.

    • Wizard

      Oh!! my ignorance then, I did not know about it, I thought all the phones would have Windows Phone branding on the rear of the device.

  • Kenneth Gordon

    People are mentioning the 2nd ‘NOKIA’ on the back, on my ol 5800 it does have a 2nd NOKIA but it was Horizontal not vertical. If you use this one a camera then the positioning of the text would be wrong.

  • oraman

    could be fake. i think it is sexy and very beautiful. simply metro!!