ITC to investigate Motorola’s Xbox 360 patent complaint

By Tom Warren, on 22nd Dec 10 3:36 pm with 1 Comment

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The US International Trade Commission (USITC) has voted to investigate a patent complaint filed by Motorola against Microsoft.

Motorola’s complaint related specifically to Windows, Windows Mobile and Xbox. Motorola’s patent complaints are directed towards PC and Server software in the Windows operating system, digital video coding, email technology used in Exchange, Messenger and Outlook, Windows Live instant messaging and object oriented software architecture. The handset maker claims Microsoft has also infringed patents with its Windows Phone Marketplace and Bing maps. Motorola has requested that Microsoft ceases violating the patents and provides compensation for the infringements.

The USITC announced its plans to investigate “certain gaming and entertainment consoles, related software, and components thereof,” on Friday December 17. In a statement, the USITC says the investigation is based on a complaint filed by Motorola. “The USITC has identified Microsoft Corporation of Redmond, WA, as the respondent in this investigation,” reads the statement. A evidentiary hearing will be held in the new year and the Administrative Law Judge will determinte whether Microsoft has violated any patents.

The investigation comes just over a month after Microsoft filed a second lawsuit against Motorola claiming that its royalty rates for some wireless networking and video technologies are above agreed limits. Kirk Dailey, corporate vice president of intellectual property at Motorola Mobility, acknowledged Microsoft’s separate lawsuit against Motorola and said “It is unfortunate that Microsoft has chosen the litigation path rather than entering into comprehensive licensing negotiations, as Motorola has mutually beneficial licensing relationships with the great majority of technology companies industry-wide.”

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