Job postings hint at Azure based Windows 8 backup and Windows Live integration

By Tom Warren, on 8th Nov 10 11:46 pm with Comments Off

Two recent Microsoft Jobs postings have revealed that Microsoft is planning a Windows Azure based client backup for Windows 8 alongside more integrated Windows Live services for the next generation operating system.

The first job posting, advertised for a Software Development Engineer hints at a Windows Azure backup solution:

“We are currently working on a Windows Azure-based service and integrating with certain Microsoft online services and Windows 8 client backup. Many of the features we develop have ended up in the Windows Client and Windows Server OSes.”

The second listing, for a Windows Systems Engineer hints at software and a service integration of Windows Live offerings into Windows 8:

“We are a growing team with a strategic and highly visible charter helping to build and operate some of Microsoft’s most strategic Internet assets. Our service supports hundreds of millions of users, who exchange billions of instant messages, photos and email each day, and store billions of contact relationships in our service. We live the life of “software and a service” every day, at high scale and you will play a pivotal role as we integrate our online services with Windows 8″

Winrumors previously revealed Microsoft’s plans for deep cloud integration in Windows 8. The base of Windows Explorer in Windows 8 will feature deep integration with the company’s SkyDrive storage and the ability to easily and quickly share media to your social networks will be integrated into the Windows Shell. Microsoft’s Windows App Store will feature applications hosted on the company’s Windows Azure service and will reduce the need for local data. Microsoft is trying to realise its vision of “three screens and a cloud”. Settings and application data will be automatically synced into the cloud to allow users to sync their application sets and settings across any Windows 8 based PC, laptop, slate or phone.

Both job postings were spotted by Windows8news.

Windows 8 is approximately two years away from general availability. The software maker is expected to reveal more about Windows 8 during several developer events next year.