Joy of Tech: All companies end up like Microsoft

By Tom Warren, on 5th Apr 11 7:30 pm with 11 Comments

The Joy of Tech sums up Microsoft’s competitors and their similarities to Microsoft’s own business approach:

The Joy Of Tech

Image Credit: The Joy Of Tech

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    Android is nothing like iPhone, that’s why its a growing platform.

  • Paras Valecha

    Awesome. Microsoft rules. Everyone should admit this that it’s the biggest and the best brand ever! :-)

  • bernard

    None of them have more than a billion users worldwide like Microsoft, so no. For the record, I hate Joy of Tech.

  • Justt for the record

    microsoft is the truth

  • Veritas06

    It currently isn’t. In the near future it may be. Just look at all the phone companies locking down their phones. Look familiar?

  • Steve Jobs

    No wonder Microsoft is the best!
    Go Microsoft!

  • GahGah

    The joke is that Windows got big by copying other OSes, it has nothing to do with MSFTs current operations

    • Eric Ryan Jones

      Interesting theory. Except, I can only think of two OSes that aren’t based on UNIX and Windows is one of them.

  • Hgh


  • Misak Ghazaryan

    this is stupid, it jsut points out an obvious way of life which is present everywhere not just in large companies (though its easier to observe this from large companies) innovation becomes inspiration to others. this is no different to what religious ppl do to try and persuade others

  • McAkins Online

    All small companies become evil when they grow big. Look at Apple and Google and where they are today!