Latest Windows Phone commercial shows off UI eye candy

By Tom Warren, on 5th Mar 11 1:18 pm with 19 Comments

Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 7 commercial focuses on the operating system and its features.

The commercial, spotted by WMPoweruser, is entitled “Everything a smartphone should be” and uses quotes from ordinary users and sites to demonstrate SMS, Live Tiles, Outlook, Calendar, Office, Zune, Xbox LIVE integration and a few choice applications like Netflix and Amazon’s Kindle. The commercial features AT&T’s Samsung Focus device. Microsoft has been on a marketing blitz recently for Windows Phone. The software giant created a dedicated Samsung Focus commercial recently to ask “what if?” and took over Times Square with a giant Windows Phone advert.

Microsoft is busy preparing its first platform update for Windows Phone. The software giant recently halted a small update for Samsung Windows Phone 7 devices due to a large number of issues. The issues stemmed from a seemingly minor software update issued on Monday last week, to ironically improve the Windows Phone update system for future releases. WinRumors readers began reporting issues late on Monday with their Samsung Omnia 7 devices. The issues ranged from users not able to complete the update, leaving their phones in a frozen state, to users rebooting their devices after a failed update to find that their phones were unusable. Samsung Focus users were also affected but it appears there’s less cases of “bricked” problems with that particular model. Microsoft originally removed the update for Samsung phones but rectified the issues and began distributing the update again earlier this week.

Microsoft has officially confirmed that Angry Birds will be available for Windows Phone in Spring. The software giant also confirmed that five other popular games will make their way to Windows Phone in Spring, including Plants vs Zombies and Doodlejump. Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace recently passed 9,000 applications and is expected to reach the important 10,000 milestone during March.

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    i wouldn’t say “The only phone with thousands of apps” because we all know that’s wrong

    • Alex

      Well it does say “Office, Xbox and 1000s of apps”… which is technically true. Although I see what you’re getting at!

    • TT

      The other phones have hundreds of thousands apps ;)

    • Manish

      The above mentioned sentence was actualy half. The sentence told in the advertisement also includes reference regarding office, games and other things and thus in totality, the only device having all those.

    • Sebastian Gorgon

      No need to include office and games in the sentence because they are true,

    • john

      Oh come on. This is a common marketing technique. Its like saying that you have the best restuarant. Do you mean, in your town? In your state? Its vague for a reason.

      Microsoft added the apps feature alongside office and games, because taken atogether, its the only phone to include those things.

    • astroX

      Android and iOS have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of apps … WP7 is the only one with THOUSANDS of apps + Office + Xbox + Zune … capiche?

    • Guest

      I wouldn’t say “we” because you’re only speaking for yourself. Next time, keep the statement in its original context instead of parsing it.

  • Clarky

    It certain wants to make me buy it. I wonder how other will fell…

  • Arturo Ryes

    I love the UI! It’s really neat…

  • N909

    Still gotta wait till first Nokia WP phones comes out.

    • WBC

      I agree. I think they will have the strongest hardware because they are the only company that will rely on the success of WP7 for the success of themselves.

    • astroX

      Why don’t you buy one WP7 now and when Nokia WP7 phones come out then you get one? ‘Cause those won’t probably ship till the very end of this year!

    • WBC

      my iPhone 4 beats any WP7 phone the AT&T sells today. And until a WP7 phone gets a camera that is better than the iPhone 4, I’m not downgrading.

    • astroX

      In what other ways does iPhone 4 beat WP7?; I mean other than the camera and number of apps. Stability?

    • astroX

      In what other ways does iPhone 4 beat WP7?; I mean other than the camera and number of apps. Stability?

    • Anonymous

      I have the Samsung Focus and choose to use it over my iPhone I love the OS! But, I’m not thrilled with the hardware. Yes, the screen is very nice and its quick and snappy, but phone shell “feels” very cheap. Hope Nokia will build great hardware to go along.

  • Gho,Danny Wahyudi

    it has been for three days
    it took so long to notice iT?

    • Anonymous

      If it’s already online for 3 days, why didn’t you let WinRumors know about it? There’s a button called “Have some juicy info? Tell us!” at the top of this site.