Leaked video shows off more Windows 8 Metro UI logon action

By Tom Warren, on 14th Apr 11 5:48 pm with 31 Comments

Windows 8 logon

A newly leaked video demonstrates various Metro UI elements of Windows 8.

German site WinFuture posted a video and a number of screenshots on Thursday from Windows 8 build 7955.fbl_srv_wdacxml x86 client. The video demonstrates the Windows 8 login process which appears to include a tiled interface and larger easier to touch menu systems. The site also posted a number of shots demonstrating the SmartScreen filtering software that Microsoft is baking straight into its next-generation of Windows.

Microsoft’s Metro design language is an internal code name for a typography-based design languages created and used by the company. Microsoft originally started using Metro in Media Center and showcased a full version in the company’s Zune products. Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, also features the Metro look and feel throughout. Microsoft has started to use the Metro UI on more of its web properties to produce a clean, fast and simple look.

Leaked screenshots, posted in March, also show a flattened Metro UI interface codenamed “Aero Lite”.  The screenshots show a flattened interface consistent with Microsoft’s Metro UI. Windows 8 is also rumored to include a new fast hibernation system. The system will hibernate in around three to six seconds and save all open documents and running tasks. Rumors suggest that Microsoft will create a dual-UI for Windows 8. A tile-based user interface codenamed “Mosh” will reportedly be included. The “Immersive” Tablet UI will be driven by Microsoft’s Metro based design language. Microsoft will include a new application model codenamed “Jupiter” that will allow developers to create Silverlight based applications, deployed as AppX packages (.appx). The packages will be part of a new Windows application store, pre-installed with Windows 8.

Here’s a recap of the latest Windows 8 news:

Thanks to WinRumors reader @fpbecker for the news tip

Image Credit: WinFuture.de

Windows 8 logon touch enabled

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    Doesn’t look that bad… only the background is piss poor

  • Jason

    I hope the CTRL+ALT+DEL splash screen isn’t compulsory. Seems needless and looks rather poor.

    • http://twitter.com/nithinr6 Nithin Ramesh

      I don’t think that would be compulsory. If it is, then tablet users would have a hard time logging in to the “tablet centric” Windows 8.

    • Jeremiah Ashley

      CTRL+ALT+DEL is for computers on a domain.

    • http://twitter.com/robertmacnair Robert Macnair

      On the tablet centric version, I’d imagine the slash screen would be something you pull up with your finger… a lock screen sort of thing. As the big clock etc is there it would make sense, just like WP7

  • http://windowsaddicted.com Alexandru Pricop

    The backgrounds used on this OS are so low taste… How could they work on such bg…

    • Guest

      I like the bg in the first picture.

  • Tes
  • http://www.techexplorer.in Jal Desai

    Backgrounds and UI will change over-time. These are under-the-hood development stages. UI makeover will follow.

  • Anonymous

    I thought you said the login screen was a fake and called Neowin out?

    • Anonymous

      Wow dude stop the bashing… I mean he has a right to change his opinion… They way you think today does not reflect the same way you will think tomorrow…

    • Anonymous

      But to call another website stupid for falling for it when it was him that did?

  • Anonymous

    I just wanted to say that I enjoy how you summarize related articles at the end of your articles. I stop reading when I hit that bit, but the fact that if I miss something, it’ll be in there the next article is pretty cool.

    • Grannyville7989

      That’s what I like about it too :)

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I’m loving the Metro-style menus, like the shutdown menus and the language menu. Also like the subtle changes to the shutdown icon, which I’m assuming is how the rest of the OS will slowly start to be styled like. Overall, a step in the right direction.

  • D S W

    I’ve noticed it’s slowly turning into a copy of their Mobile OS UI style.

  • http://josedmorales.net Josè Daniel

    OMG! I love it so far :D One thing though .. about the clock screen, I’d like it next to the log on screen and not two separate screens :/

  • Briguy992

    At 1:41, under WinFuture username on the right-hand side, it says “Local User”. If I were to speculate, I think that gives further credit to the fact that you can have cloud-based users of some kind, even though there has been some debate lately. Tom, do you have any information regarding that? What are the various types of users you can have?

    • http://thounsell.co.uk/ Thomas Hounsell

      Local User, as opposed to a domain user.

    • Briguy992

      I thought that, but I’m hoping there’s more. :-) That text that it’s a “Local User” is new to Win8, so I’m hoping that it’s just a hint that you can have Live ID’s as logins.

  • Anonymous

    That actually looks really, really, really nice.

  • http://doctorwhofan98.wordpress.com/ doctorwhofan98

    At 1:42 the window has a link to “link online IDs”! That is probably Windows Live related!

    • http://thounsell.co.uk/ Thomas Hounsell

      Link Online IDs is also in Windows 7 though

    • http://doctorwhofan98.wordpress.com/ doctorwhofan98

      I didn’t realise that… Thanks!

    • http://thounsell.co.uk/ Thomas Hounsell

      Link Online IDs is also in Windows 7 though

  • Tryllz

    KO, now thats what I call new UI elements….Coooool, menus style beats Mac to it….man i’m already lovin it…if only they change the explorer UI along with other UI changes too….just a sneaky preview….

  • Guest

    video is not available anymore. any mirror?!

  • Guest

    video is not available anymore. any mirror?!

  • http://twitter.com/hvnchrstn hynchrstn

    i’m still looking windows 2019 ui

  • casper

    i have build 7955 but not this logon screen does anyone know how to unlock it?