Leaked Windows 8 pre-beta install screenshots demonstrate theme color picker

By Tom Warren, on 18th Dec 11 11:37 am with 32 Comments
Windows 8 color picker

Screenshots of a near final copy of Windows 8 beta leaked to the Internet over the weekend.

The screenshots demonstrate a number of setup customisations available in the beta version of Windows 8. Theme colors for the Windows 8 Start Screen experience can be selected prior to install and it appears most of the colors on the slider are dark blue, pink, green and purple variants. Win8china posted the screenshots over the weekend.

Little is known about the feature set of Microsoft’s Windows 8 beta. Recently leaked screenshots indicate that Microsoft will allow users to change the Start Screen color and the Start Screen background image in beta copies of Windows 8. Microsoft has previously detailed some other minor improvements to the Windows 8 beta. Users will be able to create, name and rearrange Start Screen groups as well as navigate with the Windows 8 Apps screen in a better way. Microsoft is planning to group applications to make it easier for users to identify them in Windows 8 beta. Windows Media Center will also return to Windows 8 beta alongside the typical Windows games, DVD creator and .NET 3.5. All were missing from the developer preview, made available in September.

For more information on Windows 8 check out our dedicated section or the latest news below.

  • Brandon

    Not very pretty to be honest… :S

    • Guest

      Windows 95!!

    • Guest2009

      Wow, did Win95 look so good? I have to reinstall it then. ..

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      yeah the win installation is not pretty, windows 8 will be a fail /s

      now installation needs to have animations, and take 10 times more for all that crap =D.

      go people with idiotic comments! =D

    • Anonymous

      and yet it will sell hundreds of millions of copies.

    • Seth_p

      Install Gentoo and tell me how pretty the installation is. Any rate, it’s actually all moot since this is pre-Beta. The install process as we know will be the same as Windows 7 from what we’ve gathered with a Metro-refresh (UI components) and a much appreciated minimalistic dialog wizard. There [really] is no need to change much of the install, just built on improvements from Vista -> 7 -> 8. Hooray!

  • http://twitter.com/laserfloyd Lewis McCrary

    Expect a lot more customization options.

  • http://www.youtube.co.uk/illage2 illage2


    • Devon Garner

      I’m with you they used “You’ ll be able to…” hmm does not seem real to me either.

    • Seth_p

      Yep, I don’t buy this either. Actually, the majority of the leaks I just disregard since January isn’t too far away :)

  • Windows8User

    Windows 8 Is Going to be a Hit. wish It was late febuary right now! :D

  • Anonymous

    On it’s release I’ll be there with my Baseball bat, for all those commenting now for the installation not pretty…you ignoramus, so if the color is bright it looks KOOL, and when the color is dull, its ugly…

    A color picker is provided for the same reason…where’s your brain when commenting….!!

  • Mrman

    Wow. What are you guys talking about? Windows 7 is the Final OS From microsoft. after that. NO MORE! Also Windows 8 is Fake and Nice Fake failing screenshots

    • Windows8User

      Hey man. windows 8 is Not Fake you noob! i got the developer preview!

    • Mrman

      Nice Lyer. You Fail. GTFO

    • Guest

      Hey look, fortune cookie got herself another alias.

    • Third

      You stupid troll! Think before you speak bullshit, howkay?

    • Anonymous

      they said that about vista :) 500 MILLION copies later in your face.

  • http://twitter.com/cris178 Cristian

    but i hate windows media center why dont they just give those features to zune. hopefully mediacenter wont look exactly like the win 7 version.

  • Anonymous

    It’s their big opportunity to bring Metro finally to the masses but they managed to make it look as boring as it ever was on any previous product. If you compare this “Metro” to the Zune HD, it is something completely different. Where is the passion for typography, fluid animations and cool colors?

    • Guest

      Yawn. Grow a brain. It’s a leak that’s probably fake.

    • Anonymous

      What? These 3 specific images don’t matter. There is enough information out there to see how Windows 8 beta will look like.

    • Guest

      What a crock.

    • Anonymous

      @c17b2c1c503a750c281b86fdf1773285:disqus Your arguments are amazing. I guess to don’t follow the official blog from the Windows 8 team.

    • Anonymous

      i’m wondering how you can see animations in still images.

    • Anonymous

      You do realize that there are many more images and official video out there of the pre-beta? And you shouldn’t expect that the beta will be completely different from the Developer Preview. 

  • Anonymous

    yay more pukey colors. At least it’s not more shades of pastel or torquoize.

  • http://twitter.com/cendol_gan Rey..Rey..Reynaldi

    This UI remind me of mouse /pointing device UI, elements made tiny so it can clicked by mouse. Oh wait..

    • Anonymous

      it’s called thumbnails genious.

  • GP007

    Install screenshots are ok, if real, but how about showing us any of the rumored start screen and desktop changes that are suppose to be in the beta?

  • http://twitter.com/qweed Martini Whoelse

    Apple fanboys need to be more imaginative with Photoshop.

  • br4tt3

    who cares about how the installation looks? It is not that I am going to keep reinstalling the darn thing just because it is so pretty… I rather have it look slick once it is installed though….