Man upgrades Internet Explorer 1.0 to 9.0 [video]

By Tom Warren, on 17th Mar 11 3:38 pm with 24 Comments

One man has once again captured the history of one of Microsoft’s most popular products.

Andrew Tait released his history of Windows video earlier this month and it was an instant hit with WinRumors readers. After speaking with Andrew, we asked him to do the same for Internet Explorer and he has kindly obliged. The video details the install processes and UI for each version of Internet Explorer. Andrew has also taken the opportunity to test the various versions at the Acid test pages.

If you’re an Internet Explorer fan or you’re curious about the history of the web browser then sit back for 10 minutes and check-out the nostalgic video below.

  • GP007

    This is pretty cool.

  • sarkis chamelian

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    Name: Shitballs

    LOVE IT !

    • Dan68

      I liked “horse porn” better

    • Tom W

      haha me too :)

    • Steve

      Yea that was pretty funny.

  • Carlitos Alberto Sanchez

    excelent, good video :)

  • Adam Shaw

    Please do the sam with MS Office and mac os if possible.

  • Gabriel Jimenez


  • Frank Becker

    Successfully submitted to Slashdot: Sure, CmdrTaco managed to mess up and leave out the link to winrumors in the editorial blurb – it’s been linked in the comments though.

  • Anonymous

    I believe IE 4.0 introduced DOM, which was pretty significant.

  • Toby Champion

    I love Andrew Tait’s voice. I’d believe anything and everything he says.

  • chris nizzardini

    horse porn? the dude was searching for horse porn haha.

  • Mark A.

    “Microsoft Internet Explorer has been out for over 15 years”!
    Yes, well over 15 years. 1985 to 2011 is over 25 years.

    Good video otherwise.

    • Adesso21

      dude… check your math… IE came out in 1995 not 1985…. In 1985 there was no Internet

    • Abc

      The Internet most definitely existed in 1985. However, In 1985 there was no world wide web.

    • Mark A.

      The Internet was out in the 60′s.
      Read the copyright year of 1984.
      Big mistake Microsoft. It’s illegal to copyright something until you have invented it.
      1984 must be the year Microsoft started and not the copyright year for Internet Explorer 1.0

  • Anonymous

    Tom now you can do an article about how the microsoft numerology starts at 3. You know, 1 = 3. DOS 3.x, Windiws 3.1x, VC3, VB 4, NT 3.1 (NT = New Testament), IE3.01, SQL 6 – well they bought it as 6, what are you, my soul crushing 3rd grade teacher? XP2SP1 > 3, in a more twisted way indicative of the decent into Balmer, .Net 3. You see the pattern. MICROSOFT: If its not > 3, we’re paying billionaires to be guinea pigs. You can’t C on WIndows; Now I see on Linux variants. Microsoft left me a few bad habits, one of which is not trusting vendor’s wares < 3.0. At least they prepared me for the criminal 'businessmen' who have invaded my industry in the last 7 years. Free Bradley Manning! Investigate the Bush Cartel!

  • 7vals

    Exceptional! Thanks for the drive though memory lane

  • David

    Nice work on the video! Very informative and very well done all while keeping the video short and sweet. Cheers!

  • Clody

    Cool.. MS is finally on the right track! Bye bye Firefox!

  • Asfd

    1:52 “How stupid – Pay to worship Queer as a God”. Please be careful with what you post.

    • crb

      It’s Check it out (but start on Wikipedia – – before you submit yourself to it.)

      It’s a joke, like using ‘shitballs’ as his owner name, or searching for horse porn on his flatmate’s computer.

  • Orisai

    I hate when people sound like they’re eating on the microphone lol

  • RRR

    Wow, IE fanboy video right here, huh?

    At 7.44 in the video you start talking about acid3 test on IE8, and you say it reached 12/100 while “others have apparently managed scores as high as 20″.

    What?! 20?!

    The rest of the known world was scoring 100 since 2008 (, not 20. The rest of the browser world is not as retarded as IE.

    Who knows how early other less known browsers hit 100?!

    Scores as high as 20… Ha!

    Oh, and Opera actually scored 106 at some point :)) (