Microsoft acquires VideoSurf, promises Xbox LIVE integration

By Tom Warren, on 22nd Nov 11 7:42 pm with 3 Comments


Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it has acquired video content discovery company VideoSurf.

Microsoft plans to integrate the technology across its Xbox 360 platform using Xbox LIVE. The software giant is currently readying an Xbox 360 system dashboard update, to be made available on December 6, that includes integrated Bing voice search. The Bing integration includes the ability to search for entertainment content on Xbox LIVE. Microsoft’s VideoSurf acquisition is expected to improve this functionality.

“VideoSurf’s content analytics technology will enhance the search and discovery of entertainment content across our platform,” said Alex Garden, director of Xbox LIVE for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. “This holiday we will launch voice search across our entertainment partners on Xbox LIVE. Over time, as we integrate VideoSurf’s technology into our system, we are excited about the potential to have content tagged in real time to increase the speed and relevance of the search results.”

Microsoft announced in October that it plans to offer a live TV experience with Xbox LIVE. The software giant has partnered with nearly 40 content providers to offer live TV services across the world. Microsoft is planning to make the TV channels available to Xbox LIVE gold subscribers and some partners will integrate Kinect experiences with their TV channels. Microsoft’s VideoSurf acquisition will make it easier for partners to take advantage of Kinect’s voice search on the Xbox 360.

  • Thefude

    Sweet. Sony will not be able to keep up

  • Tazfoo

    Sony, who? Is Sony even in the market space right now? I think Microsoft should restructure its price model, why is it users who already pay for Netflix have to also pay for XBox Live to access Netflix? 

  • Thisistheslam

    Xbox Live is worth it’s price, depending on how you use it.  One service that unites all games online with the added bonus of multimedia streaming from so many sources?  It’s a good service.  Yes, I wish they didn’t hike from the original $50 price tag to the $60 a year, but oh well.  If they’d add more free integrated services I’d never find an excuse to part ways with my membership.  I think they should market some free TV shows/movies through the Zune marketplace or something.  Offering little icings for the service we’re paying for would go a long way.  All we need is an internet browser and better integration with media from devices like external hard drives/USB drives and I think MS would pretty much have their bases covered.  OH, maybe the NFL network on Xbox Live (or Fox Sports… I would ditch my cable in a heartbeat if I could get live sports, even if I had to pay another $10 a year).