Microsoft and Samsung preparing to release Windows Live Messenger on TVs

By Tom Warren, on 13th Nov 10 1:26 pm with 1 Comment

Windows Live Messenger for TV

Microsoft and Samsung announced the launch of the first Windows Live Messenger TV application this week.

The application will be available shortly for Internet enabled Samsung TVs and certain lines of Home Theater and Blu-Ray devices too. Microsoft and Samsung have worked closely together to deliver the new application and develop a unique interface ready for the TV space.

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft has attempted to bring Windows Live Messenger to the TV. LiveSide notes that Microsoft previously ran a beta of Windows Live for its Media Center application. The project was discontinued after a limited demand for the service and a beta of just 2,000 users. Microsoft shut the service down in June 2008.

Microsoft currently has over 320 million users of Windows Live Messenger across the world. The software giant has applications across the PC, BlackBerry, Nokia and iPhone devices. The latest offering on Samsung TVs is a first step in realising the “three screens and a cloud” vision that the company is currently adopting.

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