Microsoft and Toyota announce joint press event for April 6

By Tom Warren, on 5th Apr 11 9:18 pm with 5 Comments

Toyota Entune featuring Bing

Microsoft said on Tuesday that it plans to hold a special press event on April 6.

The event will be a joint media videoconference with Toyota. Microsoft says it will “discuss a collaboration between the two companies.” Toyota has previously unveiled its new in-vehicle navigation and entertainment system, Toyota Entune, at CES 2011 earlier this yearEntune launches later this year and takes advantage of a customers mobile phone to provide cars with a data connection. Toyota will provide mobile applications for users to download and install on their phones to enable connectivity. The dashboard will feature Bing for Mobile and Bing Maps as applications that drivers can use in their cars. Bing’s navigation allows users to choose from more than 16 million points of interest. Directions are sent to the car wirelessly.

It’s unclear exactly what Toyota and Microsoft will announce but the companies will likely partner to offer a full Microsoft Automotive solution that goes further than Toyota’s previously announced Bing integration. Stay tuned for further details tomorrow.

  • JLopez


  • GP007

    They’ll probably do their own Toyota style MS Sync service like what Ford has had, and now Kia also has though they call it something else. It’s still the same MS Automotive OS running the show.

    • M_Lyons10

      Yeah, I think it’s handled similarly to WinCE where the OEM has control over the end product… I would love for Microsoft technology to be in more cars to be honest.

  • Anonymous

    So does Bing Maps in cars do turn by turn? And if so, what’s up with them not doing it on WP7?

  • Anonymous

    Windows on Toyota :O