Microsoft announces Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000

By Tom Warren, on 15th Dec 11 9:35 pm with 26 Comments

Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000

Microsoft announced its latest keyboard on Thursday.

The Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 is designed to compliment tablet and laptop devices. The 5000 features an ergonomist-approved Comfort Curve design and Bluetooth functionality to allow it to easily pair with a laptop or tablet. Microsoft is clearly targeting tablet users with its latest keyboard. “With tablet purchases expected to increase 81 percent from now until 2015, laptops and tablets have become essential technology tools both at work and home,” said Microsoft’s hardware team in a blog post announcing the keyboard.

The Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 is available immediately in the U.S. priced at $49.95.

  • Tablet compatibility with Windows, iPad and iPad 2, and many Android tablet devices
  • Ergonomist-approved “Comfort Curve” design promotes a more natural wrist posture
  • Bluetooth wireless frees up a USB port by easily connecting to a Bluetooth-enabled computer, and no USB nano transceiver is needed
  • Ultrathin, stylish design makes it lightweight and portable for travel
  • Three-year limited hardware warranty
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      Actually, you didn’t comment on anything.

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      aaaaw you want a cookie too??

    • Anonymous

      I’ll take one.

    • OctalMan

      I only give cookies to trolls and annoying “first to comment” dudes, sorry :)

  • M4rovin6

    Nice but where is metro square buttons ;-)

  • Anonymous

    shut up all of you

    • Anonymous

      ain’t no spider telling me to shut up

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  • Ondra Moravek

    Support for iOS, for Windows, for Android… but no Windows Phone 7? DAMNIT!

    • Thomas Bundgaard

      Stupid question.. but why in the world would you use a full keyboard for your phone?

    • Impartial

      iOS and Android are tablet OSs too, so I guess that where they intend you to use it. 

    • J A

      Where is the integrated touchpad for those of us with Media Centers in our living rooms?

    • Guest2009

      You forgot the “tablet” part, this is not ment for Android (or Windows)phones.

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  • Anonymous

    This keyboard came with my ASUS EP121 tablet almost a year ago…maybe I was a beta tester without even knowing it.

  • Anonymous

    No number keypad = fail.

    • Windows Fan

      That wouldn’t be very portable.

    • Gamer

      why are you always trolling on ms product? Go back to your iHole Sir.

    • Anonymous

      No, not really. I barely use my number keypad ;-)

    • Kenneth Gordon

      Have you ever used an Apple keyboard? To actually work with? They are dire. No ergonmics, the tactile feedback is hopeless, you have to hold your wrists at an unnatural angle with no support. A ticket to carpal tunnel syndrome.  The keys are in straight lines, fine if all your fingers are the same length. I’ve used ergonmic keyboards for years. This Logitech wave one I have is so comfortable and dosent tire out my big hands.  The keyboard in question dosent have a number pad, well if you dont use it, then no problem. If you do, then go buy another one….

      The only thing apple keyboards are good at are for jamming under table legs to stop them wobbling, or at a pinch keeping a door open. Apple keyboards are a piece of art, however  art is something that looks good, but has no practical use.

  • PresidentBaltar

    How is this a new thing? Ive got one for years, even has a separate numpad. Its called bt mobile keyboard 6000… im really confused now :D

  • jason

    This is an old product. I bought one about a year ago and I have been using it for my Media Center. 
    It comes with a number pad as a separate device which is handy.

    • Ammar Al-Khatib

      that’s 6000 no 5000

  • Anne Epstein

    Looks like it has some potential – I’d like to see more smallish keyboards like this one, targeted toward tablets. Even the best onscreen keyboard just can’t match the touch-type ease of a physical keyboard, and it’s a great option to be able to pull something slim like this out of a bag when that email or blog post I’m typing on a tablet at the coffeeshop is getting a bit involved. Microsoft-branded hardware has been pretty good as well, so this should hold up for a while.

  • Frylockns86

    I wish Microsoft made wired versions of this design for desktop systems. Bluetooth sucks for keyboard use.