Microsoft announces Chinese New Year limited edition Dragon Mice

By Tom Warren, on 30th Nov 11 6:41 pm with 17 Comments

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it plans to introduce Dragon designed Mice to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Year of the Dragon

Microsoft will release three new limited edition mice designed for the year of the dragon. The Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Year of the Dragon will be made available in red and gold colors. The two colors are symbolic in Chinese culture. Red symbolises good fortune and joy and gold symbolises wealth and happiness. “The intricate dragon design was created by premier artist Nod Young,” explained Microsoft’s hardware team in a blog post on Wednesday. “Nod used inspirations from the famous Nine-Dragon Wall of Beihai Park, a royal garden in China, and Dragon Ball.”

The Arch Touch Mouse Year of the Dragon

The third mouse is the Arc Touch Mouse year of the dragon. The design includes a crouching dragon and was created by Lin Xu Pan, who included a five-finger claw dragon in his design. “Each mouse also includes the signature of the featured artist on the mouse so you’ll have a real piece of artwork in the palm of your hand,” says Microsoft’s hardware team.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Year of the Dragon is available now for $34.95 and the Arc Touch Mouse Year of the Dragon will be available soon for $69.95.

  • Anonymous

    wow, those are some sweet looking mice…….I want one!!!!!

  • Guest

    This must be MS’s strategy for increasing sales in China. Much harder to steal mice than software ;-)

    • Skysinof

      At $34.95 and $69.95? And not to mention wireless (ongoing new battery cost)?

      I have some contacts that have quoted me $4 for a wired, laser mouse if I buy just 100 units. And I can choose from a variety of designs (zodiacs, nature, color gradients, patterns, etc). 

      I would rather buy 100, keep one for myself, and sell the other 99 at $14.99 on eBay.

    • CircuitSoft

      i pirated my mouse off of the pirate bay. looks nice, works great.

  • elmsoftware

    Does anyone have the # of units of mice Microsoft sells a year?

    • Daniel Paulino

      i won two microsoft mice, and im looking to buy another one. they make the most comfortable, most durable mice

    • Guest

      They never break that out. Why do you care?

    • elmsoftware

      I have written about Microsoft getting focus.  Adding Chinese styled mice is going to add a couple of dollars to their bottom line…it is a representation of them spreading themselves to thin.  If the sales are nominal then why bother, focus on what matters…their software.

    • Guest

      They are infinitely better, bigger, and much more concerning examples to focus on. This one is trivial by comparison.

    • Adam

       you WROTE, not have written
      and how are they spreading themselves thin. i highly doubt that it requires much efort or resources to make these mice

    • Louis Sandiford

      @45b2a666a40074a6cf73809dd4154902:disqus I believe that ‘I have written’ is perfectly good in this context. Now stop spitting your dummy out at people who have a different opinion to you, and criticise on content - not by your own misguided grammar.

    • elmsoftware

      It is of paramount importance that they focus.  By not focusing, it can lead to being structurally sloppy.  That impression of sloppiness is being picked up by consumers and developers (me being one).  
      I want Microsoft’s Windows 8 to be a success…I want their whole platform to be a success…I believe they can send a message to developers and the world by eliminating small potatoes like styled mice and laptop fans for example.  Be the best software company and eliminate the unnessecary distractions.

      To look at their competitor…Apple products are produced with care and it shows in the way they are presented (both physically, via ad, and in store).  They care and it shows and it is easy to see their focus.

      I have been a Microsoft guy my whole life, my whole professional career is because of them…I want them to succeed…it behooves me that they succeed.  I just think that they need to start eliminating fluff and focus and go full board for their Windows 8, Xbox, Phone, Cloud integration.

      Note:  ’have written’ is valid.  Also, even if I used incorrect English…this is a blog where comments are written quickly for free flowing conversation…let people write what they want and see where the conversation goes.

  • Lewis McCrary

    They should make a mouse with the dragon pattern that has the track ball.  So, it can be the Dragon Ball 9000! I slay me! :D

  • OMG55

    All of those mice are sweet looking, however, I want the arc

  • Anonymous

    I believe that’s ‘rimited edition’

  • CircuitSoft

    the year of the dragon warrior, the pando. Kung Fu Panda!

  • Florist

    Mice are comfortable to bring with and use anywhere possible, i think this will make some impact on this christmas.