Microsoft backtracks on Windows Phone Mango developer NDA lock-down

By Tom Warren, on 1st Jul 11 3:00 pm with 5 Comments

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Phone developers wishing to discuss Mango can now speak freely.

Microsoft issued beta bits of Windows Phone Mango to official Windows Phone Developers on Wednesday but eager developers had to agree not to discuss Mango as part of the download agreement. WinRumors questioned Microsoft on its approach which requires developers to not publish any “content, screenshots or comments in any media in advance of the official launch of Windows Phone Mango.” A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that the agreement is “standard practice” when distributing any pre-release code. “Permission to publish content, screenshots or comments based on this pre-release code can be obtained from Microsoft on a case-by-case basis,” said a Microsoft spokesperson.

However, Cliff Simpkins, a product manager for Windows Phone at Microsoft, has claimed that the intent was originally for developers not sharing the actual code with others. Simpkins says that developers are now free to share information and screenshots of Windows Phone Mango. Speaking on the wp7devpodcast, Simpkins apologized for any confusion. The change of heart means developers are now free to talk about Mango with no repercussions from Microsoft.

  • ss

    Well, I’ll say something then: Mango is the bomb!

    Running smoothly on a Samsung Focus

  • Gtmax500

    same here! So many new features and everything seems to happen much quicker. Im Loving It!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarkis chamelian
  • Mike Pietrorazio

    Sure, rub it in!

  • Vincent Haakmat

    Well, that was an about face… If they could only hasten this thing to the finish line faster, I would give it a 3 thumbs up :)