Microsoft banning Xbox users for stealing Xbox LIVE Marketplace content

By Tom Warren, on 7th Sep 11 1:00 pm with 21 Comments


Microsoft has started to ban several users who have stolen Xbox LIVE Marketplace content.

An Xbox LIVE policy and enforcement team member confirmed the new ban method on Microsoft’s own Xbox forums recently. “During the course of a recent investigation, we have discovered users who illegitimately accessed Xbox LIVE Marketplace downloadable content,” reads Microsoft’s statement. “Our investigation reveals that this access was intentional and not accidental, constituting a blatant violation of the Terms of Use for the service.” Microsoft refuses to divulge additional information regarding individual suspensions but promises that the company is being careful:

“Please know that we are being very careful regarding these suspensions, and have clear evidence regarding each account issued a permanent suspension from the service. We apologize for any frustration or confusion resulting from our inability to share individual details, and thank you all for your cooperation in this matter.”

The bans are permanent ones that date to 12/31/9999 according to Eurogamer. Microsoft has been sending permanent suspension notices to some xbox LIVE members detailing the following reasons for a ban:

  • Duplication of item purchase history
  • Attempted Microsoft Points fraud
  • Illegitimate acquisition of redemption codes
  • GP007

    Good, bring down the ban hammer I say, hard.


    It’s about time

    • Guest

      This happend to my brother and he did nothing wrong

    • J2tmax

      I have been banned but have never attempted to steal from the market place. I have transferred my account and content between 3 xbox’s over the last 2 years. I have contacted them and they only send automated responses. I think it’s a good idea but they should not just assume they have got it right. I am not willing to spend anymore on xbox live. I’m just lucky my family package still allows my family accounts to work. If anyone knows of a way to get xbox to re-investigate this ban then let me know.

    • Guest

      This happend to my brother and he did nothing wrong

  • CreepinJesus

    “Illegitimate acquisition of redemption codes” – does this include beating up kids at school for their codes?

  • Jonny Rose

    Duplication of item purchase history?? hows that happen?

    • Scarygood536

      Microsofts error. But they will suspend you for it

  • Travis Pope

    My names is Travis and I approve of this measure. If i’ve got to pay for it you should too.

  • Jim

    @JonnyRose that’s when you log into someone else’s xbox as your account, re-download a game or other content that is not account specific and make it available to all the account on that xbox for free.  It’s a no no.

  • Jim

    I’m guessing that the “Illegitimate acquisition of redemption codes” is from the recent hacking that was done on some promotion site that allowed people to steal codes and redeem them for DLC.  The hacking splashed on Twitter for a few days then dropped off the radar.  Those folks had to know the codes could be tracked, but I guess greed got the better of them.  Now they get to go tell mom & dad they got banned “for no apparent reason” they’ll say.

  • Casey Brown

    That will be one hell of a new years day when I finally get my Xbox live member ship back in the year 10000 !

  • Eberton Konieczny Sobreira

    Guys, is that what some sellers sell in DHgate website? They sell 6k points for $9,99 bucks.


    igot banned 4 the saim reason i only play cod forza3 and tdu2 and got banned 4 no reason

  • Michael John Matamoros

    Essentially Microsoft adopts a McCarthyism philosophy and treats those
    who are banned like criminals, and
    feel that they don’t have to give any
    evidence to anyone because they are “100% accurate all the time”. It’s
    their word against ours.  Here are some links on the issue.

    People have to understand that personal experience is not a truthful
    example of the reality for everyone else. I’ve been told endlessly that
    “My console hasn’t been banned, I’ve been playing legitimately for 4
    years.” It’s like saying “I’ve been a law abiding citizen for years and
    I have no trouble with the police, they never oppress innocent

     If you can help us out by spreading the word about these links
    it would help. We are trying to get a petition going here:

    Alot of discussion building here:

    Facebook page for petition here:

    If you want to help fight this as much as possible choose this as an answer, thanks!

  • Snowman6564

    WTF I got banned and I pay for my points I want count reinstated. They blindly banned me for nothing and now all my money in my account is stolen by greedy Microsoft.

  • Scarygood536

    I got banned for this and I pay for everything. Ive bought full games and videos and other dlc. I dont jacj, and I follow the coc. I messaged the “enforcment team” and they never replied when I askrd what exactly I stole / how I acted fraudulantly. What a joke and phone support doesnt help. Waste of money. Goodbye microsoft

    • I-josh

      This happend to me!!!

  • Josh Paynexkiller Hobbs


  • Dinemusic

    IM Sueing microsoft fuck all this.  how the hell is it possible to steal from marketplace and ms points fraud 
    unlikey le fuck microsoft hell ps3 dont even do this shit we pay for it why should we get banned unfair rights with microsoft so microsoft you will be hearing from me bitch= Fuck You.

  • Whiteranger_uk

    I suggest everyone who has been banned for no reason gets in touch with the organisations that can go after microsoft. In the uk this is the office of fair trading who will get you in touch with a pro bono solicitor to see if there is a case then take on the corporations based on anti competiotion laws. I imagine this is the same in the US but I believe they are under anti trust laws. Just remember they may have the banhammer but we have the numbers, enough complaints to officials will make them sit up and pay attention besides there is nothing in law that says you can’t modify your console or repair it yourself (although against terms and conditions of ms) which would get you a ban. So this means that ms are the only place that can repair the console if thats not anti competitive I don’t know what is.