Microsoft begins distributing Windows 8 developer preview updates

By Tom Warren, on 17th Sep 11 3:46 pm with 22 Comments

Microsoft has started distributing Windows Updates to its recently released Windows 8 Developer Preview.

Some fix input text issues whilst others address application hangs and crashes when Metro apps are suspended. One update, KB2616676, revokes the trust of the DigiNotar root certificates, ones that were used in a recent spoof attack on several web properties in Iran. Microsoft has also addressed a blue screen crash when users attempt to install the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK Release Candidate on Windows 8. The updates modify the build tag of Windows 8 developer preview from 8102.101.winmain_win8m3.110830 to 8102.109.winmain_win8m3.110912 (thanks to @floo1989 for pointing that out).

Microsoft has promised to release updates to address performance and functionality in the Windows 8 developer preview but it’s not clear whether the company will be providing updates large enough to provide increased functionality. Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows and Windows Live division at Microsoft, revealed earlier this week that the company’s schedule for Windows 8 development is identical to Windows 7. Microsoft will release a Windows 8 beta next, followed by a Release Candidate and then RTM and general availability. The company is expected to deliver the Windows 8 beta at CES 2012.

Windows Updates for Windows 8 Developer Preview


  • Anonymous

    I received 2 updates for the 32bit version day before yesterday, like the moment I installed the preview.

  • Joe Sixgig

    That round exclamation badge obviously needs to be Metroed..

  • Tom Servo

    I figure this beta might actually incrementally update the beta to the actual stages. If it’s almost feature complete and they don’t plan to introduce huge breaking changes from now on, nothing speaks against it.

    • Tom W

      The developer preview is far from feature complete. There’s a lot of stuff missing like WMP and Media Center to name a few.

    • Tom Servo

      Nothing that couldn’t be shipped in one of these updates. Microsoft can deploy things like IE and newer .NET Frameworks via Windows Update, so I’m pretty certain they can do that with W8 components, too. –edit: Or a whole service pack.

      Also, the old school WMP is actually there. I’ve been watching videos and listening to music with it.

    • Arseny Kravchenko

      Media Center, games and so on are there, but are locked via licensing. The availability of components depend on the product key being used. For detailed explanation for what I mean please check Event Viewer on the Application log for all events from source Security-SPP on the day of OS installation and before. Also try to use the optional features on/off dialog, then check the same log for licensing events. The dialog gets the components via Windows Update, SPP licenses them. All is exactly like Tom Servo mentioned.

    • Guest

      In MS terminology it’s not a beta. Far from it.

  • Kunal Chowdhury

    Nice to see that, MS started pushing updates within few days of the release :)

    • Josh Martin

      And on a Saturday!

    • Johnwr2230

      It was released yesterday (Friday)

  • Lee Gibbs

    Thanks. I’m installing them now.

  • Rafael Gonçalo

    Beta on a next week?

    • Anonymous

      They don’t really need to do a beta build yet. MS has stated this time around they’re going to push more updates for immediate feedback rather than rely on single beta build.  The beta won’t appear until things are a lot more solid from API to interface.

  • Arvydas Grušeckas

    Hello everyone :) I have a laptop and I am thinking about geting Windows 8 for it. But is it really worth to have them now? Do they have a lot of problems? I have Windows 7 on my PC and I’m happy with them :)  Also, how could I install them on USB or as second OS? Because I don’t want to loose WIN7 for now :)

    • Lewis McCrary

      I would just create a new partition in Win7 (bing it if you’re not sure how).  Then burn the Win8 .iso to a DVD and tell your machine to boot from the DVD.  Point the install to your new partition so you don’t affect your current Win7 install.  After it’s all done it’ll restart and you’ll configure Win8.  When you restart after that you will have two boot options; one for Win8 and one for Win7.

      Good luck and look on this site or around the web if you have questions.  A lot of people have some good info for this process. :)

    • Anonymous

      Close autorun . Run win8isosourcessetup.exe

    • Guest

      Partition as Lewis suggests or just install on a virtual machine. Lots of articles detailing how to do the latter.

    • Singerdave2001

      The current release is really meant for touch screens only. the gestures do not work with the mouse. closing metro apps is difficult.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a bit too timid to even try this right now…

    • Guest

      Then change your avatar. Because while Bush is guilty of many things, being a pussy isn’t one of them.

  • Jaco Bovenschen

    The updates doesn’t start on my computer

  • Ranjit

    i had a clean windows 8 installation on my sony vio laptop but there is this battery drain issues after i installed it……can any body help me