Microsoft begins pushing out copy & paste Windows Phone 7 update to developer devices

By Tom Warren, on 5th Dec 10 11:04 am with 3 Comments

Samsung Taylor Windows Phone 7 developer device

Microsoft has started issuing the first Windows Phone 7 update to developer devices.

The update includes the highly anticipated copy and paste functionality. According to Pocketnow a tipster wrote in to describe the update:

“A user can tap a word in mail, IE, Word, etc and that word is then highlighted with arrows on both sides. One can then drag to the left or right to include more words. An icon appears above the highlighted word(s) (looks very similar to the copy icon in Office 2010) to copy. Open a new document, once the cursor is set/blinking and the soft keyboard appears, a paste icon (again, looks the same as the paste icon in Office 2010) is shown just above the top row of letters. In “Messaging”, a user can long press a specific IM which open up the hidden menu that now includes copy. Paste where you wish…”

Several users of Twitter have also confirmed the update in recent days, Wim Vanbelle writes:

“Can’t really explain why I saw a #wp7 phone update in zune the other day. The update included copy paste though!”

It appears the update is being distributed to Samsung Taylor Windows Phone 7 developer devices. The update is available in Zune and bumps the build number of Windows Phone 7 up to 7.0.7338.0. Retail devices currently run 7.0.7004.0.

Microsoft is planning to release a Windows Phone 7 OS update in early 2011. Microsoft is officially saying that the update is due in early 2011 but WinRumors understands Microsoft officials will detail the upcoming changes at CES. Windows Phone 7 is a key part of Microsoft’s long term mobile strategy and we expect the software giant to promise tethering, copy and paste, map improvements and a basic implementation of multi-tasking for third party applications. Microsoft will also make a number of changes to device settings to allow for further customisation by end users.

  • GP007

    It makes sense because as you say if they’re waiting to talk about this update at CES then it’s got to be bigger then just Copy and Paste and one or two other little things. Otherwise why even bother? Also with the build number jumping 330 numbers up you have to figure they’ve been banging away at this for some time. I don’t know how often they build WP7 but they would do a build a day of desktop windows for example. This being smaller might see 2 or 3 builds a day going on for all we know.

  • WinObs

    In my first couple of days with the LG Quantum handset I have not needed Cut and Paste at all. I am sure the day will come when I may but seems everyone made a big deal out of it not being there and I am not sure if it was all that news worthy or not. Handy feature yes – critical to handset functionality is probably tied to usage styles.

  • Christopher Soriano

    It will be a welcome update. I think there have been exactly 2 times since launch that I could have used copy & paste.