Microsoft claims only 100 Windows Phone users experienced latest update issues

By Tom Warren, on 5th Mar 11 12:16 am with 18 Comments

Windows Phone 7 update error code

Microsoft said on Friday that only around 100 users worldwide are currently experiencing issues with the company’s recent Windows Phone update.

Microsoft resumed its Windows Phone update push to Samsung devices earlier this week and more users are reported issues as a result. A number of users are reported that the update did not fully complete and failed with error code 800705B4. Microsoft said on Friday that it had received reports of around 100 users worldwide “encountering a new issue when trying to install the February update.” Microsoft’s Michael Stroh confirmed that the company has now issued a workaround:

“We’ve spent the last 24 hours aggressively investigating the issue, and have identified a work around for error code 800705b4. You can find it here. We appreciate the patience of customers affected by the error and will continue to carefully monitor the update rollout and troubleshoot any issues that arise.”

Microsoft’s “workaround” will anger those affected by the issues. The company suggests that users try to remove all media first, failing that users should start removing apps and games before trying to install the update again.

The software giant recently halted a small update for Samsung Windows Phone 7 devices due to a large number of issues. The issues stemmed from a seemingly minor software update issued on Monday last week, to ironically improve the Windows Phone update system for future releases. WinRumors readers began reporting issues late on Monday with their Samsung Omnia 7 devices. The issues ranged from users not able to complete the update, leaving their phones in a frozen state, to users rebooting their devices after a failed update to find that their phones were unusable. Samsung Focus users were also affected but it appears there’s less cases of “bricked” problems with that particular model. Microsoft removed the update for Samsung phones and has now rectified that particular issue.

Microsoft is expected to release its “NoDo” Windows Phone update next week. The update will bring speed improvements and copy and paste to Windows Phone. Microsoft confirmed on Friday that the company has added “10 additional carriers to the distribution list” for the pre-update in preparation for NoDo.

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    NoDo lol

  • Guest

    better start calling it nogo, because with mistakes like these that’s what this platform is becoming.

    • Anonymous

      These mistake as you call them are Samsung specific no OS specific. Samsung has a history of having issues with their phone updates… so give it a rest with only being a MS issue.

    • Manish

      Why just samsung not ther OEMs. SImply throw them out of the window.

    • GP007

      Talk about taking a onesided overlly bias view. Every platform has it’s share of mistakes, the others out there now are no different.

    • Grannyville7989

      I might as well never go back to iPhone with all the problems I’ve had when updating my phone. iOS 4 on the iPhone 3G was a disaster.

    • Anonymous


      I thought NoDo meant “DO NOthing”

      The update actually did nothing (apart from screw up phones)

    • Not ice_fusion.

      That update wasn’t the NoDo update. It was the one that helps prepare the phone for the NoDo update (not unlike the Xbox Spring & Fall feature updates). It also helps to ensure the real one can’t be blocked by carriers by ensuring that the real update is update #2 :)

  • Guest

    100 too many

  • Manish

    Just throw those 100. Dont waste time behind checking the cause of errors. Focus on the future

  • captain_caveman2k

    I really would like Microsoft to announce which phones and operators are getting the updates.

    Anoucements like this seem to imply that everyone is getting the updates but almost two weeks on from the original update and I still have no sign of a notification on my LG Optimus 7 (Orange UK) with Zune insisting that v7.0.7004 is up to date.

    The most cost efficient way of getting devices, for single developers and small software houses, is on contract, with operator branded phones being common place, but as a developer waiting weeks for an update makes compatibility testing near impossible.

  • Anonymous

    The “only 100 phones affected worldwide” is not a credible figure. It is not believable.

    Looking through the forums and technical discussions, there are many more people than that affected.

    Microsoft should get on with the job of fixing the problem, and stop trying to minimalize it (even though that’s the job of PR people).

  • impatiently waiting

    I haven’t even got a notification yet for the update? How would Microsoft know it failed for me yet or not?

  • Daniel Hartshorn

    When you think of it its quite normal as a huge amnount of Android users have experianced update problems and atleast you dont loose siginal when you hold the bottom of the phone, when you think of it thease sprt of problems are pretty normal in the smart phone world as phones become more advanced

  • David Petrla


  • David Petrla
  • Pmt1209

    Might be more reports of issues IF WE RECEIVED THE UPDATE!! Myself and many other AT&T users have not been offered any updates!!!

  • Larry

    You would think MS would have this nailed. Its not looking good. The first update, a tiny one at that and its been a train wreck. I still have not gotten my update on my Focus. At this rate I should have copy and paste in Aug.