Microsoft clears up Linux confusion over Windows 8 Secure Boot feature

By Tom Warren, on 22nd Sep 11 10:32 pm with 171 Comments

Microsoft chose to directly respond to confusion surrounding its Windows 8 Secure Boot feature on Thursday.

Microsoft’s Windows chief, Steven Sinofsky, admitted there had been some comments recently that “synthesize scenarios that are not the case” around Microsoft’s work with UEFI. Redhat employee Matthew Garrett speculated that OEM machines that ship with copies of Windows 8 may lock out support for Linux installations. Garrett highlighted Microsoft’s new Secure Build OEM requirements for Windows 8 systems. Sinofsky rejected the claims in a blog post on Thursday and stated that Microsoft is simply taking advantage of new technologies to improve the security of Windows. “We are introducing capabilities that provide a no-compromise approach to security to customers that seek this out while at the same time full and complete control over the PC continues to be available,” said Sinofsky.

Tony Mangefeste on Microsoft’s Ecosystem team revealed that Microsoft is working closely with its OEM partners to improve the security experience of Windows. “Microsoft supports OEMs having the flexibility to decide who manages security certificates and how to allow customers to import and manage those certificates, and manage secured boot,” says Mangefeste. ”We believe it is important to support this flexibility to the OEMs and to allow our customers to decide how they want to manage their systems.” Mangefeste believes the customer is ultimately in control of their PC. “Microsoft’s philosophy is to provide customers with the best experience first, and allow them to make decisions themselves. We work with our OEM ecosystem to provide customers with this flexibility.”

Microsoft chose to highlight the flexible approach by reminding people that the Samsung tablet, with Windows 8 Developer Preview, handed out at BUILD contains the ability to disable the firmware Secure Boot feature. “OEMs are free to choose how to enable this support,” says Mangefeste. “Windows merely did work to provide great OS support for a scenario we believe many will find valuable across consumers and enterprise customers.” Microsoft summarized its work with UEFI:

  • UEFI allows firmware to implement a security policy
  • Secured boot is a UEFI protocol not a Windows 8 feature
  • UEFI secured boot is part of Windows 8 secured boot architecture
  • If desired, Windows 8 utilizes secured boot to ensure that the pre-OS environment is secure
  • Secured boot doesn’t “lock out” operating system loaders, but is is a policy that allows firmware to validate authenticity of components
  • OEMs have the ability to customize their firmware to meet the needs of their customers by customizing the level of certificate and policy management on their platform
  • Microsoft does not mandate or control the settings on PC firmware that control or enable secured boot from any operating system other than Windows

Windows 8 Platform integrity architecture

Image Credit: Microsoft Corporation

  • Tim Smith

    Now hopefully the linux fanboy douchebags can quit overreacting. I’m sure they’ll find something else to whine about.

    • Guest

      Nah, They’ll just go on to something else and not a single one – or the media –  will print a retraction or apology for their accusations.

    • Pedro Roque

      Of course they will. As a last resort, they will bring back the DRM fud, as they did in Vista. And 7. Douches will be douches!

    • Matti

      …and fat people will be fat people

    • Pedro Roque

      That could be solved with some diet and exercise…. on the other hand, I don’t think brain transplants are fesible, at this moment. So, you will continue to be a douche.

    • Frylockns86

      Don’t expect a retraction or apology from them. Unfortunately, the media will still pick it up and run with it.

    • Anonymous

      People who wear tin foil hats all day don’t generally like to admit when their reckless conspiracy theories are proven wrong.  They just change their story.

    • Guest

      From where I’m standing you and the other commenters here are the douchebags.

      Douches will be douches!

    • Anonymous

      Than you for exemplifying the level of maturity and professionalism of the Linux community.

    • Anonymous

      Did you even read the story?

      In essence, it says “windows is automagically approved, but you will have to ask your computer manufacturer to enable a certificate for Linux “. Manufacturers don’t listen to users. Never have, never will.

      It’s Microsoft flipping Linux the bird, disguised in sleazy public relations language. How would that make anyone feel better?

    • MyNameHere

      No, “in essence”, it doesn’t say anything like that.

      I guess you didn’t read the details, or you just don’t understand what is going on. I suggest you take your own advice and *read* next time before replying next time…

    • Jimmybob

      GNU/Linux users enjoy freedom. I think it’s fair to be worried when Microsoft tries to stop us from using an OS we chose to use.

    • John Doe

      If you actually bothered to look at the videos, You will see that secure boot can be disabled at the mother board level. This will make it boot with no measured boot protection.

    • Jimmybob

      When did I say it couldn’t?
      I am simply saying that GNU/Linux users are fair to whinge when Microsoft does something that possibly effects them.

    • John Doe

      “Microsoft tries to stop us from using an OS we chose to use.” it was implied when you said this. One thing that Microsoft understands is the importance of PC flexibility and they also say that this will affect their past OS’s. This mean’s that if they did lock down the platform, then they would be alienating their customers that enjoy duel booting into their past favorite windows OS’s such as winXP, win95,windows3.0 etc.

    • rijnsma

      When MS would be a virus (and it has something of it with UEFI) we would filter it out.

    • Mcnugit

      Lol, real linux fanboy’s are excited to opensoure this shit, don’t trip foo

  • Anonymous

    Good response from MS. It was pretty funny watching all the linux fanboys/MS haters piling on the conspiracy theory (“MS is out to kill Linux!!”) as if MS give a sh*t about Linux for desktop. Talk about don’t flatter yourself…Jeez

    • Anonymous

      What’s really funny is these same people are always claiming how superior Linux is to Windows.

      If Linux was so amazing and superior, why would you be dual booting Windows? Surely you would be running Linux as your one and only OS. Guess its cause they need a real OS once they are done piddling around with their toys.

    • Gamer

      Obviously, and why would manufactures choose Windows over Linux as the main OS installation? Think again, Linux just fail in sales and no one wants it except those “so-called” professionals that they think they are superior with the ugly penguin over Windows.

      Look at netbooks, Linux once had 90% of marketshare until Microsoft came back with XP and Linux got back to its usual shape, less than 1% of net book share. FAIL.

    • Gamer

      Those “so-called” professionals dicking around failed once again hahaha

  • Anonymous

    haha now Linux idiots will find other way to complain about Windows 8. it seems like those fanboys cant enjoy their OS, so they need to spend time making drama about something they dont even understand, but still claim as if it was true… worse part, people thinking they are true so they start overreacting and saying Microsoft is evil or whatever.

  • Guest

    Where did all the “smells like a lawsuit” asshats suddenly go?

  • Anonymous

    Cut the Linux folks some slack! Deep down they know that Linux (and its loader) is hacky and insecure, so it’s no wonder they would assume that this feature would lock them out!

  • Anonymous

    God i hope so
    as i have Linux (Ubuntu) on my windows 7 PC
    i prefer ubuntu to windows  7
     the UI is amazing, i would give it the best UI compared to windows7 and OS X

  • Anonymous

    This whole situation is hilarious. I can’t believe how much whining and blubbering took place over something that anyone with a hint of common sense could see is obviously false.

  • Ray Stevens

    Those Lidiots should find something else to complain about. If they want to complain about locked down booting, the Lidiots should go complain about OS X.

    • Ray Stevens’s Biggest Fan


      Wow, that’s cute. You are so intelligent and witty, I wish I could subscribe to your pointless trolling comments. It really paints a nice picture of what the average Windows user is really like.

    • Guest

      “It really paints a nice picture of what the average Windows user is really like.”

      Really? Sort of like ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ does for your side?

    • (bo.o)b


    • Guest


    • щ(゚Д゚щ)(屮゚Д゚)屮

      Is that some censoring?
      Wait, I’ll get my hat.



      ミ ´_>`)

    • a man that’s smarter than you

      Hush, you ignorant child. The boot process on OSX isn’t even lock down.

    • Ray Stevens

      You can’t install Windows or Linux on it natively, so where are you getting your facts from?

  • Luke

    Linux user here who doesn’t dual boot and I just want to let you know that I’ll actually go back to being indifferent about what windows does seeing as it won’t affect me in the slightest. I’m sorry some people who happen to use the OS, who you’ve been exposed to, are reactionary idiots. Though this thread does make me wonder why you all lose the OS so much and not what you actually get done with it.

    • Anonymous

      “why you all lose the OS so much”  This doesn’t make sense. Please elaborate. I do care what I can get done with an OS. Windows has all the software I need. I now where everything is and Since I don’t load crapware on my computer, I don’t have issues with viruses or computer crashes. I don’t need the extra complication running Linux would entail.

  • Anonymous

    This seems like a rational progression to a more secure non-compiled operating system from UEFI programmers. Good work. At best, the process for ordering a computer without this lock will be easy. As a Gentoo GNU/Linux user, I think this is a good step for those in need of this kind of security. Windows users ITT need to calm themselves down, as I imagine those knowledgeable users of GNU + Linux are some of the ones creating this software. Computer users today are software ‘consumers’, so to speak: most users today don’t know or want to know how their computers work , so it is not surprising that some of this spectrum radiates into the GNU + Linux crowd.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t the reason you have a ui layer is so you don’t need to know how a computer works? Computer users have always been software consumers. Even in the dos days the average user knew just enough to find the executable file and to run it.

  • Acheronstudios

    lol at all the windows fanboys.

    • Aguest

      lol at all the linux fanboys.

  • RichardoStallmanu

    I’d like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

    Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called Linux, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.

    There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine’s resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called Linux distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.

    • Guest

      So it’s our fault that your OSS dork compatriots decided to drop the GNU in most of their distros and refer to it as Linux? LOL.

    • Anonymous

      That’s simply not the case. There are exceptions to when GNU is used to complete the Linux system, however the norm is just the opposite of what you’re saying. Every major Linux system will be completed through the GNU project.

    • Guest

      I’m talking about the naming and marketing, not the actual code contents. And what’s with all these whacky f’n pictures you dorks feel compelled to attach to your comments? Were you all tripping on acid when you came up with them, or just flashbacks to your Woodstock years?

    • AMD

      That’s it exactly

    • Stephenreed

      To refer to Linux as GNU plus Linux misappropriates the credit due to all the other entities that contribute to modern Linux distributions. Its hard to imagine that GNU components are a majority of the lines of code, and even harder to imagine that GNU components are an increasing percentage of Linux desktop or server distribution lines of code.

      RS knows this but self-promotion precludes honor.

    • Penguinsshootingthemselves

      So typical. It’s Linux. No it’s GNU/Linux. No, you GNU guys didn’t do enough. No, we GNU guys did the heavy lifting. It’s you Linux guys who are taking too much credit. Rrrrrrnnnng! Yeah, IBM here. Look, we gave you guys a ton of good shit to put in there too. How about sharing the love, bro? Call it GNU/Linux/IBM? Rrrrrrrng! HP here. We just heard that IBM wants credit for their shit and we want credit for the shit we contributed too. We’d like to call it GNU/Linux/HP/IBM. Rnnnnnng! Oracle here…

    • Guest

      All contributors are properly credited for what they do. This GNU/whatever quibble is limited to the gnutards and other lowlifes who contribute nothing back.

    • Khusus2000

      Even microsoft and apple has contribution in linux. LOL

    • AMD

      I would hardly call RMS a hypocrite. Plenty of things you COULD call him, but a hypocrite?

    • Guest

      Hypocrite. Douchebag. Self-promoter. Egotist. Arrogant. Simplistic. Take your pick.

    • Guest

      Honor? It’s open source. There is no honor. You’ve got people abusing your various licenses every day, which you conveniently ignore, particularly if they’re people like Google who you need for funding, etc.

  • Ubuntufriend

    Windows users (aka children), how’s it feel to know there’s an
    entire group of individuals who are better at computers than you are?
    Meet GNU/Linux users. They are better than you.
    They understand the hardware better, they understand the basic
    principles of computer science better, they know how networks work
    better than you. They understand the pros and cons of filesystems
    (including ntfs) because on linux, you get to choose FS’s; they
    understand the principles behind operating system design because they
    run into phrases like “microkernel” and “monolithic kernels”; they can
    probably program, too, since learning a scripting language vastly
    improves productivity on linux (and this really pisses you off, since
    programming was one thing you always failed at on windows.) Oh, and they
    probably know windows better than you, since most advanced linux users
    these days are ex-windows users who managed to learn linux years ago,
    when it was much less user friendly.
    At this point, a confident individual would admit to himself he has a
    lot to learn about linux and computers in general. But since you lack
    the self esteem to do that, you run back to windows, install farcry (or
    whatever) and keep repeating to yourself “at least I can run games. at
    least I can run games.”
    If you’re looking for a job, all this hits you even harder, because
    you realize a lot of the jobs require linux in one way or another. Even
    many of the windows related jobs recommend linux! At this point, you
    rationalize “well the only thing I know is windows, so I must be a
    windows expert!” as if knowing only one thing makes you an automatic
    expert, or that learning linux forces you to forget windows entirely.

    • Anonymous

      Very true

    • Anonymous

      Is that why one of your ‘Evangelists’ didn’t know what the UEFI protocols would do to.for Linux?? :))

    • A-non-e-moose


    • Guest

      Oh not this serial troll tard too. LOL

    • AMD

      Hey. Did yo know you can like your own posts? Fact™

    • Guest

      Obviously. How else would you ever get  a rec?

    • Anonymous

      The hallmark of Linux fanboys is their willingness to waste gobs of time whether trying to get their OS to work or writing painfully long childish rant on a Windows site. Don’t get me wrong – I use/write Linux code for living.

    • Ubuntufriend

      Cool inane comments, bro.

    • Guest

      bro? Like you’re from the hood or something? Ha ahah ahahahhha

    • DaFoo

      Bro is surfer/valley/frat slang.  Has nothing to do with the hood, in this case.

    • Guest
    • Anonymous

      Line one of first definition:
      >Obnoxious partying males who are often seen at college parties.

    • a man that’s smarter than you

      “Joke’s on them, I was only pretending to be a retard”

    • AMD

      ubuntuFriend is gangster. G.

    • Guest

      no he’s gangsta

    • AMD

      Did ya notice how G means ganster. So in a sense I said “… is gangster. Gangster.”

      That’s more then twice as gangster as your post.

    • Aks_comps

      Thats because the system would boot many times faster than windows(take your pick on version XP,Vista, 7) and work gets done much before windows users can login to their system. But you already know that. Dont you. You use/write linux code for living.
      And oh yes, WTH I am doing on a windows forum. I should try to get my system up because my linux system does not work properly. 

    • Anonymous

      Barebone Windows boots damn fast too. Too bad Linux doesn’t have many programs and OS features for apples to apples comparison. :)

      BTW, since you omitted W8 in that list, I presume you know W8 boots in sub 10 seconds? I haven’t seen any linux boot that fast.

    • Anonymous

      you do that much more work in that minute your system boot up faster? You’re really efficient.

    • Guest

      What kind of moron presumes to know the skill set of all windows users? Oh right, a penguin douchebag.

    • Ubuntufriend

      Calling me a “penguin douchebag”? What are you, 12?

    • Gustav

      Says the kid who called Windows users children. Hilarious.

    • AMD

      You tell him Gustav.

    • Gamer


    • a man that’s smarter than you

      That //would// seem consistent with his previous statement

    • Critic Of Puns

      THE JOKE
      | Your Head|

    • Gamer

      wow ubuntudog

    • AMD

      You are like the singing siren of blog comments.

    • Guest

      Tru dat

    • BigChiefSmokem

      And they wonder why Linux desktop users are so shunned by the rest of the community.

      They don’t seem to want to enjoy their time at a computer, they have no professionalism, no self-control, all they do all day is cut-and-paste cheap scripts and rant on Slashdot about some idealist open-source movement championed by the very greedy bastards you so opposed (I’m talking about Google, NaCl, Android and Dart in case you haven’t figured it out).

      Be a real man and learn how to run a Unix core server you hack.

      In the meantime I’ll just go back to using PowerShell and developing for touchscreens.

      Have fun… oh wait.

    • Guest

      “all they do all day is cut-and-paste cheap scripts and rant on Slashdot
      about some idealist open-source movement championed by the very greedy
      bastards you so opposed”

      And all Windows users do all day is have 1v1 quickscope matches in Call of Duty and dick around with filters in the copy of Photoshop they downloaded on BitTorrent.

    • BigChiefSmokem

      After reading my post all you can come up with is references to Photoshop and Call of Duty? Go run Wine or something (perfect name BTW).

      I know this industry kid, don’t play games with me.

    • AMD

      dear. Lawd.
      BigChiefSmokem has seen some shit

      Everybody stand back

      I mean from your computers. 2 feet of distance from the keyboards.

    • Umar Turay

      how about AutoCAD…Visual Studios…

    • ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

      Windows is shit for games.

      It’s slowIt’s buggyIt’s insecureIt has HORRIBLE memory
      management (using most of my swap when I have fucktons of RAM and not
      all of it even touched? What? I know RAM is meant to be used but LISTEN
      deny that memory management in Windows is completely fucked, then you
      are so goddamn delusional that your goddamn biased opinion no longer
      fucking matters.)

      GNU/Linux is the obvious choice for true gaming OS. People who use
      GNU/Linux are CONSISTENTLY the people who pay the highest for the Humble
      Indie Bundle every single fucking time so there’s no BUT LEENOX PEOPLE
      DONT WANNA PAY FOR SHIT excuses left.

      BUT BUT OPENGL OpenGL is just fucking fine, no one that truly cares
      about gaming gives two shits about any fucking graphics faggotry
      DirecSuX 11000000002 or whatever “adds” (It’s a fucking API, you
      dumbshits, DX doesn’t do ANYTHING WRT graphics, it just tells the card
      what to do, something OpenGL can do just fucking fine, it may not be in
      but it’s the GRAPHICS CARD that does it, not DirectSuX.)

      It’s time to abandon the CLUSTERFUCK that is Windows and DEMAND your
      games be released for a good, decent, stable, sane OS that isn’t ready
      to fuck you over at every turn.

      GNU/Linux: The TRUE Gamer OS.

      (Oh and consolefags? Enjoy your locked down bullshit and horrible FPS/RTS/RPG/etc controls.)

    • Guest

      And what a fine example of the Linux user you are.  A regular ambassador at large.

    • ( ´Д`)ノ(´・ω・`) ナデナデ

      I try my best.
      Please, compliment me more!

    • Guest

      Insult me for using Windows, fine. Insult me for having different preferences in gaming technology, sure. Use the word “fag” in a derogatory manner? Uh uh. No. Not here, not now, not ever. That’s about as acceptable as using the n-word. Stop using sexual orientation as an insult and grow up, kid.

    • AMD

      What? Saying Nigeria isn’t bad. The Nigerians are cool with it now, you can say it. They want tourism.
      Stop being a nigger.

    • Gamer

      wow linux dog. You are just jealous of Windows, stfu and gtfo.

    • AMD

      I liked your post. I wanted you to know that.

    • Jordan Bates


    • Gamer

      What a dickhead.

    • Ubuntufriend

      Enjoy your non-free AIDS, Windows faggot

    • New And Exciting!!!

      Linux Genuine Advantage™ is an exciting and mandatory new way for you
      to place your computer under the remote control of an untrusted third

      According to an independent study conducted by some scientists, many
      users of Linux are running non-Genuine versions of their operating
      system. This puts them at the disadvantage of having their computers
      work normally, without periodically phoning home unannounced to see if
      it’s OK for their computer to continue functioning. These users are also
      missing out on the Advantage of paying ongoing licensing fees to ensure
      their computer keeps operating properly.

      Linux Genuine Advantage™ works by checking our licensing server
      periodically to make sure that the copy of Linux you are running is
      Genuine. This is determined by whether you have paid us the appropriate
      licensing fees. If you are out of compliance, and are past the grace
      period, logins to your machine will be disabled until the license fees
      are paid. How to log in to enter the license key when logins are
      disabled is left as an exercise for the reader.

      Finally! Linux users can experience a feature that until now remained the exclusive domain of proprietary software.

    • Wheezle

      I’d just like to interject for a moment…

    • Ubuntufriend

      So many butthurt Winfags
      Looks like Linux is superior after all
      u mad windows kids?

    • Anonymous

      lol. you are the one who come to WINrumors, yeah win its for WINDOWS.
      and start talking crap and then “so many butthurt winfags”?

      so what are you? you were the one who started and now “u mad Windows kids?” go to your Linux blog, immature.

      enjoy your OS, sometimes it seems people like you dont do it, so they need to go to blogs of other OS to troll or write idiot comments pretending being so smart

    • Wat

      Oh let’s see here, just using the boot times…

      Ubuntu Linux 11.04 x86_64 Boot time: 32 seconds to active desktop.

      Windows 8 Developer Preview x64 Boot time: 3.7 seconds to active desktop.

      Cold boot, same computer.

    • The Troll Next Door
    • Anonymous

      That explains it.

    • Anonymous

      Who else is amazed at the number of fake accounts Ubuntufriend created to “like” his own post so much? Lots of “Guest” accounts supporting him. Hmm, yeah. Move on and get a life!

    • tl;dr


    • Ubuntufriend

      Is it so hard to believe that other people might be agreeing with me? Don’t be a such a self-centered piece of shit.

    • Pedro Roque

      Yes, it is.

    • Aks_comps

      you kind of lost 85% of windows users around you mention of ntfs. (WTH is ntfs). remaining users were lost around your mention of kernel. It is very difficult to make these guys understand.

    • Anonymous

      Better at computer? I guess grammar isn’t too important for linux users. Most windows users aren’t programmers or IT professionals. We don’t want or need to know how the OS interacts with the hardware.  We just need to accomplish task for whatever job we are assigned. That’s why windows is on 90% of the computers and on the techno geeks have time to dick around with linux.

    • Sanchito75

      As interesting and spectacular as Linux And it’s stepchild OS’s are, there is only one Windows. Businesses can think of thousands of ways to partner and make revenue with Microsoft. Can’t say the same for Linux.

  • F Microsoft

    Wintards will always wintard.

    • Fsdfsd

      Hurrr durrr, nixtard.

  • Jordan Bates

    So basically its still just a huge issue, except now the EU can’t bitch, no one can sue M$ themselves, and M$ can pay OEMs to enable the feature. Are you a Linux user in the United States? Too bad for you!

    • Guest

      Master bates, would so like some cheese with that whine?

    • Jordan Bates

      I would but Microshit says I can’t have both at the same time.

    • Anonymous

      Trolled hard.

    • Linuxsux

      “Are you a Linux user in the United States?”

  • Ubuntufriend


  • HipsterMcTIghtPants

    I’m just going to buy a Mac.

    • Guest

      Need some money? You open source clowns are normally tapped out.

  • imnewtocomputer

    hey guys if i use linux can i be like zero_cool??

    btw how do you get that cool green text on your aim chats??

  • Guest

    Wow, I always thought the itard who came here were the biggest douchbags. But looks like the Opensore ones are even worse.

  • Juan de Juan

    It’s cute also how Linux users rushed to emotions and calling Windows Users as idiots when the Godfathers of Linux didn’t even bother to research how this thing really works. Really sensitive guys you are. Tsk tsk.

    • Anonymous

      None of them are taking this situation as seriously as you are. You keep calling them names and they are retaliating, that’s all.

    • Guest

      Yeah, it’s not like we can’t see the thread and time stamps and see that it began the other way around.

    • Anonymous

      And you are idiot enough to fall for it.

  • Guest

    Did someone hide ArrowSmith’s prozac?

  • Stephenreed

    Microsoft has not clarified this issue very much regarding how Linux distributions will operate with UEFI boot. They say Linux distributions can work if signed.  We knew that. The big issue is that we lose the freedom to compile and install our own Linux installations if UEFI is a hardware requirement to boot. I like signed Linux distributions – because the boot process becomes more trustworthy. What MS should say is that Windows 8 compliant computers default to UEFI but that it can be manually turned off by the user in the hardware setup.

    • Guest

      It’s not MS’s job to clarify how Linux distributions will work with UEFI boot. UEFI is a standard supported by numerous companies, including several prominent OSS backers. If you or they have a concern, then you should be talking to the OEMs. Why do OSS supporters always expect others to do their work for them?

    • Jordan Bates

      This is all on Microsoft. UEFI works with Linux kernels 2.6 and above natively, no signatures needed. The problem comes from Microsoft putting in the option to have UEFI require signatures which it doesn’t on its own. There’s no benefit to this whatsoever, its there solely as an anti-Linux measure. Microsoft will buy OEMs out to enable the feature, the 450 million they’ve spent already in anti-Linux campaigns says as much.

    • Guest

      Chromebook implements a very similar policy. Thanks for playing, moron.

    • Jordan Bates

      Giving up Chrome OS to install other operating systems is not the same as giving up Windows. You can’t do real work on a Chromebook.

    • Tm

      So it’s a convinient truth then to overlook how Google can lock down a Chrome OS laptop to Chrome OS, enable it with TPM, and under the GPLv3 terms not be sanctioned?

      Hi, this is kettle calling pot black.  Hypocracy at its best.

    • AMD

      Also they’re locking down their own hardware for that. OH actually that’s probably a violation of the GPLv3… Nah that’s obvious, they must of avoided that software…

    • Guest

      RTFA. UEFI Secure Boot is a standard UEFI 2.3.1 feature.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t buy an OEM machine if you want to be a Linux hobbyist. Aren’t hobbyists supposed to build their own from parts anyways?

    • AMD

      Welp. I gotta admit, if I could do that with a laptop it would be pretty awesome.

    • Guest

      They did, subject to what the OEM choses to allow.

  • Guest

    why there is always this kind of fight?
    i mean android vs IOS, windows vs linux vs mac
    just use what you like, i used linux i liked it but i don’t need it.
    just use what you need and what you  like and leave the rest alone

  • Guest

    Thank you Linux fanboys for stopping by. You didn’t add any particular value to the thread, but you did help Tom generate a bunch more page views, for which I’m sure he’ll be happy to pocket the extra coin.

    • AMD

      We all use adblock. We cost him bandwidth.

    • Anonymous

      Page views determine the amount advertisers are willing to pay to place ads on this site,  you helped him gain more money.

  • Guest

    I can understand how funny it is to see fanatics of an opposing group go wild–in this case, free software users–but this was a lot more serious than that: a lot of people were worried that Microsoft was up to anti-competitive business practices. As in, even if some other company wanted to develop their own proprietary desktop operating system, they would also be f**ked, as was misinterpreted.

    • Guest

      MS is still under sanctions directly in Europe and indirectly in the US. There was never any chance they were going to do something that would preclude OS choice. But as usual there was a rush to judgment by a small but vocal minority of Linux fanatics, which of course was then picked up and widely reported by a press that in general loves nothing better than reporting a negative MS-related new story.

  • A5001144

    Come on niggers. I use linux. If linux was bad, I wouldnt be using it right? I do have a windows 7 installation CD, but instead, I installed linux.
    I first realized that windows was shit a couple of years ago, when I started programming as a hobby. I mean seriously, look at the win32 API. If you dont puke, I will buy you an icecream. After realizing that HAY, windows is not the only operating system out there. So I started testing various linux and bsd distributions on a virtualbox. Then I installed linux on my PC. I completely erased windows, and nothing of value was lost. Linux does everything I want it to do, it plays music, videos, games, and it plays them faster. I also enjoy the fact that everything in linux is damn good coded (and bsd is even better coded), and the code is released for free so I can read and learn from it.
    Now operating systems are tools, not religions. I am not a “linux fanboy”. I also use bsd and solaris. Openbsd is IMO the best operating system for servers ever created. But why would I use a shitty tool like windows when I have much better tools available.

    • Asdf

      Just curious–what particular reason do you have for using the n-word? I can think of three reasons: (1) You are aware of its racist connotation and you’re trolling (read: being a counterproductive asshole); (2) you’re a closet racist, in which case I’m glad I don’t know you; or (3) you honestly didn’t know it was usually used in a derogatory and offensive manner, in which case you are sadly misinformed.

    • AMD

      No. I’m black, you’re black.
      you’z my nigga! That’s how it works. We president now, it’s cool homes.

    • Guest

      “Come on niggers. I use linux”

      Nuff said.

  • Nigger

    What kind of faggot infested website is this

    • Asdf

      I’m not sure whether you’re a twelve-year-old copy-pasting from 4chan or just too drunk to realize what you typed, but I’m pretty sure you just used a racial slur and a derogatory term for a sexual orientation to show your dislike of a web site. I hope you’re not this petty and intentionally offensive in real life.

    • AMD

      I distinctly remember calling a friend a faggot in real life. I thought a bundle of sticks was a good metaphor for an ectomorph. Also. You really think he would copy-paste a sentence?

  • Jordan Bates

    Microsoft apparently deleted my comment because they don’t want people to know the truth.

    All the article confirms is that with this Microsoft is free of responsibility, and in turn, the lawsuits and pressure from the European Union. However, this does not stop Microsoft from paying OEMs to enable the feature, still locking people out from the ability to use Linux.

    You think Microsoft doesn’t care that much about Linux? In 2002, they spent $451 MILLION in an effort to keep people people from using Linux, in the process spreading lies. As if illegally helping destroy IBM wasn’t enough, they have to take down a profit-free system that offers everything and more that Windows does for absolutely no money.

    Microsoft is the enemy of your freedom.

    • Guest

      “As if illegally helping destroy IBM wasn’t enough”

      Huh? Dude, put down the bong.

    • Gurest

      Microsoft deleted your comment? Dude, are you wearing a tinfoil hat and worrying about black helicopters too?

  • Anonymous

    The reason Microsoft is implementing secure boot this round of release is that people don’t switch to GNU/Linux after having to put up with the Metro UI.


  • Vlad West

    ubuntufriends you got  the wrongpage this is for windows users

  • Anonymous

    Let’s face it, Linux is for losers. Windows 8 is the future of computing.

    • AMD


      It’s like minority report. Only more retarded.

  • Wourelia

    Someone please bundle all the troll comments, this is more fun than Memebase.

  • Anamika


  • Martyn Lee

    I have a friend who is a Linux fanboi, they do no wrong and he blames Microsoft for everything, is there a factory somewhere churning these guys out? #sigh#

    His latest accusation was that he blamed MS for the fact that a hardware provider was not sticking to a standard of BIOS created by Intel.

    I told him its not a standard, its company owned not community created, he didn’t like that, then I said what has this got to do with MS? Because apparently its all their fault.

  • Manuel Nuñez

    use coreboot and goodbye UEFI

  • Paul Paliath

    I’m surprised that there are so many Linux users commenting here. Shouldn’t you all be busy recompiling your kernels? >:D

  • Juan de Juan

    I still do not understand why Linux users wants to run Linux on a machine designed to run Windows or OSX for that matter. Why can’t the Linux foundation get themselves a hardware manufacturer and make hardwares designed for Linux and feed it to their consumers…. Oh wait. Linux have no “real consumers.”

  • Cavityblock

    Epic flamewar, v entertaining!

  • Ronna Talatala Arguelles

    1.      This is what I like most about Microsoft. It finds
    the best way to delight and satisfy its customers.


  • Judah Richardson

    Really appreciating MS’ new approach of addressing issues fairly quickly. In the Vista era, the company was mostly unresponsive to concerns of similar magnitude.

  • Appjr

    Clearly MS is hopeless. They can’t win over invention, renovation, brightness. They defense is block all the doors. They decided to say no to innovation and to just repeat the same old thing. 
    I switched to Mac and Android few years ago and there is NO WAY I’ll go back to Windows. And that includes my family – even my Grandma. Game over.

    • Adam Paris

      LOL keep on ignoring what they are saying and keep spreading your hate. You just went from a closed OS to an even more closed OS and you dare to question them?


  • Rizen74

    Interesting with all these comments, ever heard of the saying “Different strokes for different blokes”? Everyone has an opinion, everyone has a different taste in things etc etc etc…. where it matters most is how they carry themselves… act like an adult and be treated like one, act like a child and be treated like a child…. very plain and simple.