Microsoft confirms Windows Phone 7.5 branding of “Mango” update

By Tom Warren, on 24th Apr 11 11:51 am with 9 Comments

Microsoft has confirmed the branding of its “Mango” update, due later this year.

Most company officials stick to the line that Microsoft has yet to announce the official version number, however that hasn’t stopped several departments naming “Mango” as Windows Phone 7.5. Microsoft first let slip about Windows Phone 7.5 at its MIX11 conference earlier this month. WPCental has now spotted a new reference to the update, on a Microsoft Partner page. “Preview the New Windows Phone OS 7.5″ says a post on Microsoft’s Partner Network site.

WinRumors spoke to Achim Berg, Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone Marketing, at Mobile World Congress and he confirmed that the forthcoming changes in “Mango” are part of a platform release. Berg would not confirm the final branding for the release but did suggest that the changes are big enough to warrant a new release and point increment. Although Microsoft is still working on the release, codenamed “Mango”, the software giant is expected to brand it as Windows Phone 7.5 as an interim before the platform is aligned neatly into Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft is currently hard at work on “Mango”, its next major release of Windows Phone. Microsoft has promised to ship “Mango” later in the year. “Mango” is currently in the early beta stages at Microsoft, built as 7.1 currently. The company revealed a number of new features in February that will ship as part of its Windows Phone point release later this year. Nokia is also reportedly waiting for the next release of Windows Phone before it unveils its first Windows Phone device.

Mango” currently contains multitasking, Internet Explorer 9 mobile and Twitter integration. Microsoft unveiled a number of key developer enhancements at its MIX11 conference earlier this month. Developers will have access to the Motion Sensor library and the camera, enabling augmented reality experiences. Phone integration has also been greatly improved for developers wanting to do more with their apps. The Live Tiles functionality has been expanded to give developers more flexibility and engage with their customers better. Microsoft is also planning to expand on developer opportunities for Windows Phone. The company will expand its Marketplace to 35 countries soon.

Windows Phone 7.5 confirmation

  • TDA

    The title is incorrect, just like on WMPowerUser. It’s going to be “Windows Phone” in the future, not Windows Phone 7, 7.1 or 7.5. The document even says that the number is a reference to the OS version, not the branding, hence the “Windows Phone OS 7.5″. Just like an iPhone ran the iPhone OS, or iOS now, a Windows Phone runs the Windows Phone OS. They should’ve done that from the beginning, without including Windows Phone 6.5 as part of the branding.

    Rafael Rivera mentioned it on this blog, too.
    “Dropping the ‘7’

    With the next release of Windows Phone (codenamed Mango) inching closer, Microsoft has understandably dropped the ‘7’ version reference in the product’s title. The platform will now be referred to as Windows Phone. When referring to specific versions of the platform, expect to see the ‘OS’ suffix tacked onto the end (e.g. Windows Phone OS 7.0, Windows Phone OS 7.1).”

    • Mark

      Windows Phone is a terrible name, but why didn’t they brand it as that in the first place? They knew there would be follow on versions.

    • GP007

      Not really, I don’t see why, it’s more or less Windows on a phone. It goes inline with the “Windows PC” marketing as well.

    • Mark

      It isn’t Windows on a phone at all. It’s variant of CE, itself not Windows but also stupidly and confusingly saddled with that in its name.

      The Windows brand has lots of baggage. Even for those who like it (me), it doesn’t say next gen or mobile. And for people who don’t like it, it says buggy, bloated, old. No consumer is going to hear “Windows Phone” and think “wow, state of the art mobile OS”.

      Windows Phone isn’t indicative of what it is, doesn’t denote next gen, and isn’t memorable or sexy in the least.

      Xbox and Kinect are examples of MS getting it right.

    • Brandon

      going out on a limb here and guessing it’s because they wanted to ride the coattails of windows “7″s success, throw a 7 in it and blamo, it’s better than vista! wouldn’t surprise me if the next office was “Office 7″ even tho their current version number is 14

    • Mark

      Sadly, you’re probably right.

  • guest

    Ummm.. who really cares what version it’s going to be???

    • GP007

      Since the page is talking to developers they are the type of people who do care. It also shows that Mango isn’t a small update like .1 but a bigger .5. The whole idea behind version numbers is to give people an idea of the size of updates, bigger the number the bigger the update.

      Well, this was the case till Google decided to crap all over the version number system with Chrome.

  • Anonymous

    T-MOBILE needs more Windows phones!!!!! HTC is just horrible! Come on, Samsung! Release one on T-MO. I tried the HTC HD7 and I was blown away. It is so smooth and responsive. My Nexus S is horrible. This is the 2nd one already and I’m done with Android. I want a Windows phone, but I don’t wanna leave T-MO. The Focus is just beautiful. Wished we had that sexxxy device.