Microsoft confirms Windows Phone 7 update due early March

By Tom Warren, on 14th Feb 11 3:07 pm with 7 Comments

Microsoft said on Monday that its first Windows Phone 7 platform update will be distributed in early March.

Speaking at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer promised the update would be distributed to existing devices in “early March”. Microsoft’s first update will be distributed by the Zune desktop client, allowing full backup and restore points to ensure a smooth upgrade process.

Microsoft’s first platform update will include the highly anticipated copy and paste feature. Windows Phone 7 copy and paste has been demonstrated recently in full thanks to an unlocked emulator. Microsoft’s first update will also improve application start-up and resume times. Microsoft posted a support article recently that details the update process for Windows Phone 7 devices.

“NoDo”, the codename for Microsoft’s first Windows Phone 7 update, has been ready for some time. The software giant RTM’d the update in December and has been busy preparing the Zune client software and Marketplace to handle the updated software. WinRumors understands the update has been delayed a number of times due to concerns from operators and device manufacturers.

Microsoft revealed in January that it has now shipped 2 million devices to carriersMicrosoft and Nokia both announced a strategic partnership on Friday allowing Nokia to create a range of Windows Phone 7 devices. Nokia says it is aiming to bring Windows Phone 7 hardware to the market by the end of the year. Ballmer said on Friday that hardware will be unveiled in the coming weeks or months. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop confirmed that the company will be able to create a Windows Phone 7 quickly thanks to joint-engineering efforts.

  • fraserofthenight

    Shame it’s taken so long. Rather than delivering one huge update, they should have delivered frequent bugfixes. We have to deal with a buggy, slow, unfinished and limited platform for another month.

    • GP007

      Slow?, Not at all, buggy? just a tad bit IMO. Limited? Depends on what you want to do really.

    • GP007

      Slow?, Not at all, buggy? just a tad bit IMO. Limited? Depends on what you want to do really.

  • Osu9400

    If it was commplete in Decmeber, and the OEMs already have it, why can’t we?

    • Tim Smith


  • Joel

    I’ve said it a million times it seems… Come on with the update already MS… Impatiently waiting….

  • Marko Šjor