Microsoft confirms Windows Phone 7 updates due in coming months

By Tom Warren, on 6th Jan 11 3:40 am with 6 Comments

Microsoft officially revealed it’s planning to release a number of Windows Phone 7 updates in the coming months.

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, officially confirmed the updates and said they will bring improvements for performance and copy and paste functionality. Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas he said Windows Phone 7 has been an “amazing success.”

Microsoft is planning to release a Windows Phone 7 OS update in early 2011. Microsoft is officially saying that the update is due in early 2011 but WinRumors understands Microsoft has yet to RTM the initial update. Windows Phone 7 is a key part of Microsoft’s long term mobile strategy and we expect the software giant to detail a second bigger update in February at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Spain. Microsoft’s second update will introduce enhanced developer controls for applications and updated Silverlight components. Microsoft’s first update recently leaked in a video of the company’s implementation of Windows Phone 7 copy and paste.

Ballmer also confirmed that Verizon and Sprint devices will be available in “the first half of 2011.”

  • I_am_jeff_aka_christ

    What about custom ringtone support… not even a mention of it…..

    • GP007

      MS isn’t talking about other features till they’re

      MS hasn’t been talking about other features till they have something to show people. If you watched the keynote they did a quick demo of C&P but nothing else. I think they’re saving things for MWC.

    • cbward

      I have been trying to find information on this as well

    • Rrdf

      that should come with the 2nd update, as it opens ups some API’s for developers

  • WP7_Fan

    Now it’s “first half of 2011″ for VZW customers. I’ve been waiting for this device since they first announced it a year ago! Well … good news is – most of the bugs will hopefully have been ironed out by the time I can get my grubby little paws on it.

  • GP007

    I like the fact he said “series of updates” over the next few months. It sounds like we’re in for more then just two or so updates till spring or summer. After summer time though i expect they will start to talk about WP8.