Microsoft creates giant 234″ interactive touch-screen

By Tom Warren, on 28th Mar 11 11:46 am with 20 Comments

Microsoft's 234" Cinema touch-screen

Microsoft has created a gigantic 234-inch touch-screen system for use at trade shows.

The software giant’s “Microsoft Cinema” display is the largest touch-screen in the world according to its creators. Microsoft partnered with Stereolize, a firm who specialises in interactive multimedia presentations. Stereolize built the impressive 234″ display from a single-piece of reflective screen.

Microsoft used its new display at CEBIT 2011, earlier this month. Company spokespeople were able to present the latest details on Windows Phone 7, Internet Explorer 9 and Office by swiping, flicking, panning and tapping on the screen. Long Zheng notes that Microsoft’s presentations contain a large amount of Metro styling.

Check-out Microsoft’s Cinema display in the video below.

  • Cristopher rowlands

    I could do with something like that in my bedroom. Plus an extension so I could fit it in my bedroom. Plus a set of stepladders so I could reach all of it. Yeah. That would be cool.

    • Tom W

      Send me a note when you do ;)

  • GrayW

    Holy crap that is huge! Very impressive though.

  • Simon Andrews

    That’s one way to make Windows touch friendly… >.>

    • Tom W

      Zing :P

  • Josè Daniel

    The song was epic. LOL Why is it on YouTube that almost everyone uses either this song by 009 or the hidden Windows XP song?

  • Fmh

    This will be excellent for Ballmer’s keynote !
    Will have one up on Jobs if he do;)

  • Henry Edwards

    This is up there with their Office Vision labs 2019. If they can do this, then they will be able to put their research from the labs to make the 2019 video true!

  • Anonymous

    woooo…it is so freaking smooth. The video showed no lag AT ALL. Well I know, it is edited and stuff but impressive nevertheless.

  • ME
  • Jordan Hicks

    To quote a comment on that video (edited to make it punctual): “Why is there visible lag between gestures and the movement of the objects on the screen? It seems more like “Kinect” than a touch screen.”

    • Anonymous

      The lag only appears some times, maybe they had to limit the number of touch sensors in the screen to make it that big, so they have to swipe big areas before the sensor reacts?

      But I want one! :)

  • Chinonso

    That should be in my living room

  • Chinonso

    That should be in my living room

  • Benjy

    That would be such an amazing thing to have on your wall at home. It could be your homes central hub, control the lights, lock doors, see security camera feeds if you have any.

    The possibilities..

  • Gho,Danny Wahyudi

    They must bring this to America Quick
    and place it at Microsoft Store

  • Aries Bryant
  • Anonymous

    It was a cool demonstration of the technology. I’m sure touchscreen walls like this will make their way all over society. But as a presentation device it doesn’t seem ideal…

  • David Garnett Welsh

    That thing is freaking sweet.

  • shootdaj

    I’d rather just use a remote control, too much hand movement