Microsoft cuts price of Dell’s Windows 7 hybrid Slate by nearly 30%

By Tom Warren, on 22nd Feb 11 2:01 pm with 10 Comments

Dell Inspiron Duo

Microsoft has cut Dell’s Inspiron Duo by 27% to bring the stylish Windows 7 laptop/Slate combo down to an impressive $399.

The software giant is currently offering the deal in its U.S. retail stores and online for lucky Americans. Dell still lists the device for $550 at its own site so this appears to be a Microsoft exclusive offer, for now. Dell introduced its unique tablet-netbook in late November priced at $550. The device marked the beginning of a number of new “Touch and Type” Windows 7 powered devices.

Dell’s Inspiron Duo is a hybrid device that allows users to switch between netbook and tablet modes. The unique netbook has a spinning screen that allows it to be used as a tablet. The Duo packs a dual-core Intel Atom N550 processor, 2GB of RAM, 250GB of storage and Windows 7 Home Premium. The device also features a 10″ screen with 1366×768 resolution.

Dell also includes its own “Duo Stage UI” layer on top of Windows 7 once it is converted to slate mode. This interesting, although not surprising, addition allows users to control the slate mode easily. The UI features a large finger friendly navigation with access to media, Internet and games. Despite the addition, we’d still like to see Microsoft offer this type of UI straight into Windows 7. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, has previously promised a “major revamp of Windows 7 for slate applications, that will come in the next version (Windows 8).”

If you’re interested in picking up the Inspiron Duo for just $399 then check out Microsoft’s store listing.

  • Anonymous

    hmm, i may just have to get one of these.. at this price its a no brainer compared to anything else out there if you want to have something to “play”with a tablet on yet functional enough with keyboard for the daily mundane tasks where typing on a screen tends to blow

    • Tom W

      Yeah it’s an amazing price for a unique piece of kit.

    • JohnCz

      Great deal for an Inspiron Duo. The optional docking station is the thing that got me looking at this more closely. My chief complaint is that there is no HDMI port. Dell is close…maybe one hardware iteration away from being spot on, perfect.

    • Anonymous

      Oh how I would love to see an AMD Fusion version of this!

    • Anonymous

      Me 2

  • GP007

    Makes you wish they had more MS stores open so they could then do more of these types of deals.

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    Just US?

    • Tom W

      Yup unfortunately.

    • Sebastian Gorgon

      Not surprised, everything these days is US only

  • Bnlf

    cool. i wish i could buy it.