Microsoft dedicates lastest Bing Mobile commercial to the iPhone

By Tom Warren, on 13th Jan 11 9:35 pm with 5 Comments

Microsoft has dedicated its latest Bing Mobile advert to Apple’s iPhone.

The two minute video features the iPhone version of Bing and shows off its mapping capabilities, product search, local search and sharing results via social networks. LiveSide, who spotted the new video, note that Microsoft has promoted two competitors by uploading the video to YouTube. We respectfully disagree and think this is a good move from Bing. Apple’s iPhone is a well placed smartphone and if Microsoft truly wants Bing to succeed then it needs to reach out to the large market share and ordinary user. We’d still like to see a lot of the iPhone features like photo search and street horizontal side view make their way to Windows Phone 7 Bing.

The software giant’s “decision engine” has been performing well recently. Bing now has 11.8% U.S. market share compared to Google’s 66.2% according to data from comScore. Microsoft’s Bing search has increased its share consistently over the past few months. Bing grew faster in October than Google and the trend continued into November.

Microsoft has recently been updating Bing to include a number of new enhancements in recent months. Some of the new Bing enhancements include integration with Facebook, Bing Maps transit directions and constant UI improvements. Microsoft updated its Bing Maps site to introduce mobile HTML5 support and an updated AJAX control. Earlier in November the software giant updated Bing to include much deeper Facebook integration. The Facebook integration allows Bing users to see what their friends have liked straight from search results. Microsoft also announced in late August that Bing is now powering Yahoo! searches in the U.S. and Canada.

Bing is expected to transition to a HTML5 powered version in the coming months with animated home pages, smooth transitions and new animations.

  • Anonymous

    That actor has a gay smile… its weird,

  • JohnCz

    Umm “lastest”?..definitely “longest”. Pretty good though and the marketshare trend is even better. Looking forward to the HTML5 version.

    • Tom W

      Yeah I think everyone is looking forward to the HTML5 version. It could put Google on the back-foot temporarily.

  • Anonymous

    Its a bit annoying that Bing is better on the iphone than it is on the WP7…..same goes for msn messenger i suppose

  • Thomas Coulton

    I just love how MS spends more time and effort into make better ads for iPhone apps then they do on their own WP7 products.
    I am starting to think that even MS has given up on the mobile game and just did a phone to shut people up.