Microsoft demonstrates early build of Windows 8

By Tom Warren, on 5th Jan 11 9:55 pm with 10 Comments

Microsoft demonstrated an early working build of Windows 8 at CES on Wednesday.

The build shown was 6.2.7867. Steven Sinofsky took to the stage to introduce ARM support in the next generation of Windows. Sinofsky refused to call the next version “Windows 8″ and would not detail exactly what new form factors Microsoft expects to see with the next version of Windows.

Windows 8 build

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Windows 7 with no Aero, i damn right hope this will look different

    • mackenziepricee

      This is a very, very, very early build.

      When everyone saw 7 for the first time they said it looked like Vista.

    • astroX

      It’s quite obvious early builds won’t have a new UI .. wait till beta or post-beta

    • Grannyville7989

      And when everyone first saw Windows Longhorn/Vista, it had the Windows XP UI.

  • Dave

    This is a very very early build, Windows 7 is 7600, so dont worry about UI changes for a long time yet

  • Techdude

    I read that they are already up to M2. I bet this build was compiled around September 2009 as they don’t want to show us M2 just yet.

  • Tom W

    Sorry guys it’s actually 7867 not 7667. Updated article.

  • Guest5364526

    Can’t read the build tag :p
    Microsoft …?
    For testing purposes only. Build 7667
    Also it is interesting to see that command prompt window title is center aligned just like in early Longhorn builds and there is only close button.

    • Anonymous

      No, I see Minimize and Maximize buttons

  • zero

    Milestone 1 ?

    they wented to hide the bigger change “M2″ :P