Microsoft demos Windows Phone 7 update performance improvements

By Tom Warren, on 10th Jan 11 1:27 pm with 11 Comments

Microsoft has been demonstrating its first Windows Phone 7 update, due to be released shortly.

The software giant sat down with Anandtech to show off some of the promised performance improvements in the first Windows Phone 7 update. Microsoft officially detailed its intentions for the first Windows Phone 7 update at CES 2011 last week. The company is planning to address missing copy and paste functionality, better marketplace search and improved performance for applications and games. WinRumors sat down with Greg Sullivan of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 team to talk mobile at CES. Sullivan explained that the first update will simply improve application start-up and resume times. Microsoft has been teasing build 7.0.7353.0 of Windows Phone 7 at CES to show off some of the performance improvements, seen below.

Sullivan also confirmed that the software maker is still deciding how much roadmap information to share at the upcoming Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona next month. Microsoft is planning to unveil and detail a second Windows Phone 7 update in February. The software giant has chosen the Mobile World Congress venue according to sources familiar with the plans. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is due to hold a keynote at the event and Microsoft’s press event will mark a year from when the company first unveiled Windows Phone 7 to the world. According to a source who spoke to WinRumors, Microsoft’s second update will be a significant one.

Microsoft is staying quiet on the release date for its first update but has promised there will be a number of upcoming improvements to Windows Phone 7 in the coming months. WinRumors understands that Microsoft is close to finalizing the first update and it is expected to RTM by the end January and will be pushed to devices in February providing carriers approve it.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, WP7 is slow, it takes 40 seconds to load bejeweled… Takes less than 10 seconds on my iPhone

    • Guest

      While the load time seems indeed excessive in this movie I can assure you that most of the iPhone owners I know are impressed with the performance of WP7. The first remark I always get is that it is a lot ‘snappier’ that the iPhone.

    • Anonymous

      Snappy != load times tho. I agree the responsiveness to wp7 was fantastic, but when you have to wait for processes to finish… puts a toll on the user.

  • Dylan Lewis

    Wow, that is slow. I haven’t experienced any wait times that long on my Optimus 7…

  • Osu9400

    I am running WP7 on a Samsung Focus. I haven’t noticed long delays like that, I don’t have bejeweled though. I have a feeling I am going to be disappointed with the first update. Oh, well.. I guess that’s to be expected since the initial release was such high quality. Now, what’s going to be in update #2?

  • Anonymous

    What’s interesting from the discussion OS how they handled the improvements.

    Question is, why didn’t they do it before?

    • Bryytown

      all that stuff was explained INSIDE the video no need to troll for no reason. “We thought about how devs would make apps we did all this in-house” or something to that degree. THIS IS WHY UPDATES EXIST. you cant look at anything that’s been out for 5 years and say why didn’t they do this first. Please tell me you wont do this with EVERY update.

  • JOS

    Wasn’t that phone a prototype?

    • Grannyville7989

      It sure is. A lot of developers have the prototype which receives the pre-release versions of the software for them to play around with.

  • Jarrich Van de Voorde

    I have an Samsung Omnia 7, and indeed some games load slow, but the loading times are not long enough for me to get irritated.

  • astroX

    By the time I get my new HTC HD7, the update will be available .. sweet!