Microsoft details Windows 8 hardware recommendations

By Tom Warren, on 2nd Jun 11 3:12 am with 8 Comments

Microsoft revealed some hardware “considerations” for its Windows 8 operating system on Thursday.

The software giant unveiled a number of Windows 8 ARM-based tablet prototype devices during a technical demonstration at Computex on Thursday. Mike Angiulo, corporate vice president of Windows Planning, Hardware and PC Ecosystem at Microsoft, also revealed some hardware details for Windows 8 partners.

Windows 8 touch considerations

Microsoft has some recommendations on bezel sizes for Windows 8 slate and tablet devices. The company showed a slide, named Windows 8 Touch considerations, during its partner preview event, detailing edge to edge glass and first pixel sensitivity. Microsoft wasn’t clear on whether these are requirements for ARM tablets, Acer complained earlier this week that the company wanted to “control” the whole process.

Windows 8 display considerations


Microsoft also detailed minimum resolutions for its new user interface. 1024×768 will be the absolute minimum for the new user interface, anything lower will run in the classic desktop mode. The company says that 1366×768 is the optimum resolution for devices.

Finally, Microsoft also detailed support for OEM activation 3.0 and new sensor support. WinRumors previously revealed that the company was working on OEM BIOS activation (OA) 3.0. The new technology will further protect devices against activation hackers.Illegal copies of Windows have been widely circulated thanks to mechanisms created to bypass Microsoft’s OEM activation certificates. Windows Vista and Windows 7, which both rely on OA version 2.0, have fallen victim to activation cracks and bypass methods.

Windows 8 hardware

Windows 8 includes a sensor control panel that is believed to provide greater use of existing hardware to act as a sensor for the operating system, including support for new hardware sensors that OEMs can incorporate into future products.

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  • Kavan Lyles

    The real preview of Windows 8!

  • Kavan Lyles

    The real preview of Windows 8!

  • oolong2

    The interesting thing not mentioned here is the “Always on Always Connected”  mode.  It’s an enhanced low power sleep mode that allows certain applications to remain connected and connected to the internet while the computer/tablet is in sleep mode.

    I guess this would enable similar functionalty to smart phones where you can get a calls/text even though the device isn’t active.

    That’s actually a really cool feature….  I can think of a lot of applications where that would be seriously useful.

    Microsoft has really put a lot of thought in this.

    • GP007

      Ya, that is cool, I’d like to have my IRC, IM etc still stay on and be able to powerdown/sleep mode something like a netbook/tablet without my connection dropping.   Pretty cool.

    • MVIM

      I know. I’m thinking that, now with Skype, this may finally make VoIP a real-world alternative for mobile communications. The best part is that with Windows running on the PC, tablet, and phone; it would become device-agnostic, and with location-awareness calls could follow you to the device(s) that are with you, and potentially move seamlessly between devices during a call.

  • Mitch Foster

    Anyone else interested in seeing an app that can connect a number of W8 tablets to act together as one screen?

    • FMH

      Why not buy Microsoft Surface instead?

    • oolong2

      App?  We don’t need no stinking App.

      Since this is Windows I imagine you can already add multple monitors to it and have it act as one screen.   A driver that can do touch callibration from all those surfaces is all you would need.

      You’re still thinking Android/iOS… Windows makes this a whole new ballgame ;-)