Microsoft erects another giant Windows Phone, in France

By Tom Warren, on 9th Dec 11 11:13 am with 34 Comments

Microsoft has put together another giant Windows Phone as part of its holiday marketing efforts.

The software maker originally created a six-story Windows Phone in New York City during November as part of its launch of three new Windows Phones for the U.S. market. The new giant Windows Phone showed up in France this week on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. The phone will stay in place for 10 days and allows passers by to get a glimpse at several Windows Phone features.

Professeur Thibault got to take an early took at the giant phone and reports that the display is fully-interactive and allows kids to send messages to Santa. Microsoft has also provided a number of Windows Phone 7.5 devices opposite the giant Windows Phone so passers by can get a hands on with the operating system.

Thousands of people lined the Albert Embankment in London last month to see deadmau5 play an exclusive gig for Nokia. The Nokia Lumia Live project consisted of 30 mins of 3D projections onto London’s 400ft Millbank Tower, mixed with music from deadmau5. The massive displayed was part of Nokia’s Lumia 800 launch marketing.

  • Penta2100

    THEY ARE GOING ALL OUT! sorta reminds me of that droid commercial when they fall from the sky

  • DOMINIc Blakey

    The interest on that video just tells all. Nobody stops to look haha!

    • Seth_p

      More erections should help

    • OMG55

      People like you are ridiculous. While all WP7 users were respectful of Steve Jobs passing, he left this leaving hateful words for MS who helped save Apple from going bankrupt as well as ugliness toward Google as well. As expected, I see you are keeping up the Jobs tradition of ugliness and hatred of competion. If you don’t support a particular platform, don’t troll on sites dedicated to it.

    • Niko

      I totally agree with you, but you have to admit that the people on the video don’t care about the phone.

    • Alexis Descre

      People in Paris don’t care about anything. Someone would die right next to them they still wouldn’t care…

    • Anonymous

      Jobs wasn’t hating Microsoft, he was laughing at them as he expired. 

    • Guest

      When others would be thinking about their family and loved ones. A real winner your messiah…

    • Dalgarven

      Apart from the guy videoing it?

      Also its France..

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Prepare for Erect jokes in 3.. 2.. 1..

    • guest

      still waiting

    • Jubbin Grewal

      There’s already 2 there.

    • Guest

      Having an erection in France is okay. But if you go beyond that, use a French letter. ba da bing

    • Callumpy

      I once got erect in France.

  • Viipottaja

    It’s Nokia who erected it. Finns are still quite potent you know. MS just gave a helping hand.

    • Just Visiting

      Love it!

    • Guest

      Breaking news: “MS Lends Hand with Nokia’s Erection in the City of Love”

    • Eingoluq

      you sir win!

  • JimmyFal

    If you had asked someone how to get the message out on these phones, and someone would have said “put up a giant phone”. I would have called that a brilliant idea, but they’ll never do it. Whoever thought of this is amazing, whats even more amazing is the person that is responsible for giving it the thumbs up to actually go ahead and do it.

    There really was no other way to let lots of people see this phone in action. I love this kind of stuff. This is the type of thing that is missing from Microsofts marketing strategy. Nokia will save this phone and propel its popularity in the process. Love it.

    • WixosTrix

      Microsoft was the first to erect a giant Windows Phone. Just saying…

    • The Seph

      And Microsoft’s was a lot bigger.  55′ screen.  :)

  • Anonymous

    More deadmau5 needed!

  • Anonymous

    Everyone in France has an iPhone or Android, they couldn’t care less about Winblowz.

    • ArrowSmith

      Oh please play with me. Please. Please Please.  I’m so desperate and lonely. Just notice me so that I can feel like less of a loser.

    • JimmyFal

      I will be quietly smiling when MS phones overtake IPhone in marketshare. No I told you so’s, no condescending remarks, just the satisfaction of knowing how it will eat the living insides out of guys like you. This is going to be great.

    • Guest

      In that vain, looks like Siri wasn’t all it was cracked up to be:

    • Anonymous

       That gizomodo article read like a troll attempt. I didn’t believe a word he said. Siri is amazing. Siri cures cancer. Siri brings world peace.

      STeve JObs is my GOD

    • Guest
    • Nate

      Hai, /g/.

  • elmsoftware

    I like that it is up and they are trying, but the video did not show that much bystander interest.  They are trying, hope it works.  Win 7.5 is great…they will get there.

  • Cristian

    there was no performance by a famous group i mean its cool to have agiant phone even though the new york one seemed bigger this one was big but not amazing like the new york one.

  • Kenneth Gordon

    Wouldn’t matter what big phone was up there. Not everybody cares about phones, especially in Paris. A phone is ephemeral, no more than a tool that will be replaced in 2 years. People have shoes that last longer than that. In a city of beauty and the art of all ages, this display is just another side show. The Windows Phone experience is a beautiful one, but in comparison to what they have in Paris…

  • Androidized

    This is cool, but I think that we really need a Windows Phone that fit into our pockets. 

  • Ourageis13

    Could you please mention that this video comes from my blog ?
    Thank you.