Microsoft Executive Bob Muglia clarifies Silverlight stance

By Tom Warren, on 1st Nov 10 6:36 pm with 2 Comments

Microsoft’s President of Server and Tools, Bob Muglia, has penned a blog post to respond to the suggestions that Microsoft is abandoning Silverlight in favour of HTML5.

Winrumors ran a story based off an interview that Zdnet’s Mary Jo Foley held with Muglia at Microsoft’s Professional Developers conference last week. Muglia stated that HTML is the only true cross platform solution for everything. “During the conference, I gave an interview where, among other things, I talked about the great work we’re doing with Silverlight – in particular, support for Windows Phone 7, which we featured heavily at the conference. The interview was accurately reported. I understand that what I said surprised people and caused controversy and confusion. As this certainly wasn’t my intent, I want to apologize for that,” Muglia wrote in a blog posting on Monday.

Muglia goes on to explain his comments, “I said, “Our Silverlight strategy and focus going forward has shifted.”  This isn’t a negative statement, but rather, it’s a comment on how the industry has changed and how we’re adapting our Silverlight strategy to take advantage of that,” he states. “The purpose of Silverlight has never been to replace HTML, but rather to do the things that HTML (and other technologies) can’t, and to do so in a way that’s easy for developers to use. Make no mistake; we’ll continue to invest in Silverlight and enable developers to build great apps and experiences with it in the future.”

The blog post is clearly damage control after some honest remarks on the future of Silverlight. The Microsoft executive also hints at the future version of Silverlight and promises that the company will talk more about it in the “coming months”. Muglia previous stated that there would be a future version of Silverlight and that it would be very much in line, in terms of functionality and features, as Silverlight 4.

  • Guruparan

    Nice…SL has lot of advantages with respect to implementing application (tight integration with .net technologies, web services, Video, audio , expected behavior without depending on which platform it runs on)

  • GP007

    Since it’s the platform of choice for WP7 and any future versions from here on out it won’t go away anytime soon that’s for sure.