Microsoft explains recent Hotmail, SkyDrive, Office 365 & MSN service outage

By Tom Warren, on 21st Sep 11 6:39 am with 4 Comments

Microsoft detailed a recent service outage that affected a number of services on September 8.

The software giant’s Hotmail, SkyDrive, Office 365 and MSN services were all affected by a Domain Name Service (DNS) issue on September 8. “A tool that helps balance network traffic was being updated and the update did not work correctly,” said Arthur de Haan of Microsoft’s Windows Live Test and Service Engineering team. “As a result, configuration settings were corrupted, which caused a service disruption,” de Haan added in a blog post on Wednesday.

Microsoft began to see problems at around 8:00PM PDT on September 8 and confirmed that service restoration started at 10:23PM PDT. “We confirmed that the incident was resolved by 11:35 PM PDT, although it took some time for the changes to replicate around the world and reach all our customers,” said de Haan. Microsoft says that no customer data was lost or compromised during the outage. The company has identified two streams of work to improve monitoring, problem identification, and recovery. “Microsoft is focused on further hardening the DNS service to improve its overall redundancy and fail-over capability,” revealed de Haan. Microsoft is also working on additional recovery processes that will allow specific properties to fail over to restore service and then fail back once DNS is restored.

WinRumors reported on the September 8 outage noting that it appeared to affect most consumers for around one hour. De Haan rounded off the explanation by promising to deliver the “very best” possible service. De Haan added that Microsoft regrets “any inconvenience caused by this outage.” Microsoft recently discounted Office 365 users bills by 25% after a three hour service outage on August 17, it’s not clear whether the company plans to offer similar compensation for the September 8 outage.

  • Gradeabullplop

    wasnt this reported 2 days after the initial outage..why is this news now?

    • Tom W

      If you took the time to read the article then you’d see “WinRumors reported on the September 8 outage”. This is simply Microsoft explaining in detail why there were service outages on that day.

    • Gradeabullplop

      I did read the article. Microsoft sent an email to Office 365 customers on the 13th September explaining the issue (same as you have done above). Hence this is OLD news

    • Anonymous

      Dude seriously?