Microsoft removes references to Zune HD “by mistake”

By Tom Warren, on 3rd Oct 11 6:07 pm with 36 Comments

Zune devices off the menu

Microsoft updated its Zune pages on Monday to remove references to its Zune HD device.

The software giant removed all traces of the Zune HD device on its Zune Music Pass pages on Monday. Microsoft urges consumers to use the following devices for Zune Music Pass:

On your PC
With a Zune Music Pass, you’ll be amazed as you discover, stream, and download more and more music on your PC.

On your Windows Phone
A Zune Music Pass is the ultimate access to entertainment. Get unlimited music and take it with you on your Windows Phone.

On your Xbox 360
A Zune Music Pass makes the entertainment experience extraordinary on your Xbox 360 with unlimited music streaming.

However, Microsoft Zune team member Michael Yaeger revealed that the Zune HD device removals were a mistake. “Zune HD product page is still on – publishing mishap when we pushed out the CA work,” wrote Yaeger in a Twitter message on Monday.

The move follows the death of Microsoft’s Zune originals devices earlier this year. The company urged consumers to purchase a Windows Phone 7 device for the Zune experience. “See how Windows Phone isn’t just a phone,it’s also a great Zune music and video player!”, said the final part of Microsoft’s message confirming the axe. A learn more button at the bottom of the page pushed users to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 site.

Microsoft recently confirmed that it is working to port Zune HD applications to Windows Phone. Former Zune senior business development manager Dave McLauchlan revealed the company’s plans in a recent Zune Insider podcast. Zune has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Microsoft was forced to confirm it is not “killing” any Zune services after it was revealed that the company plans to rebrand Zune into Windows Live shortly.

  • Srtye

    oh well……Zune player was just a, in the mean time, until the Windows Phone came out for me.  Glad to see they kept all the great features though.

    • rsgx

      You’re right. I think it’s sad, but it’s the right move.

    • rsgx

      Hmmm, I’m reading that it was a mistake, and it’s still there?

  • AlienSix

    This is kinda sad. Still wish they would put out a Zune based on Windows Phone Mango

  • Anonymous


    I love my Zune HD. I was really hoping for a follow-up.

  • Joshua Greene

    Haven’t had the pleasure of owning a Zune yet (I’m sure I will find one in the next few months)…  I just don’t want my phone to be the end-all for my music.  I want a standalone PMP!

  • Anonymous

    At least it inspired concepts for Windows Phone (similar to how Microsoft Bob inspired concepts for Windows XP).

    Zune HD was a nice piece of hardware, though I’m sure stock holders will be pleased with this decision, given the circumstances.

  • Anonymous

    while the Zune HD player is dead… ‘ZUNE’ shall continue to remain in the core of Microsoft products for years to come, via Windows Phone, METRO, XBOX, Windows 8, Office 2012, . . .

    while most consider Zune HD to be a failed experiment, I consider it to be the most significant experiment by Microsoft,

    if it wasn’t for Zune HD …there wouldn’t have been Zune & Without Zune there wouldn’t have been METRO

    Microsoft is a company that makes tons of mistakes, but learns from them & builds something MUCH MUCH Significant… this trend which started decades ago…continues to be followed till this date. . .

    • CG

      Zune HD is indeed the best mistake MS has ever made! Just look what’s happening to their products; all influenced by the fluidity and sheer cleanliness of the original Zune theme! It’s just a pity I never could get hold of a Zune HD here in Europe.. it’s so freaking nice, and was also the only properly viable option to iPod Touch.

  • SparklingCyanide

    I love Zune software on my computer.  Its well made, elegant, beautiful, and most importantly WORKS well.

    • Gtmax500

      and it is not a bloated peice of crap like itunes is. I made the switch from itunes to zune about a year and a half ago without even owning a zune. it runs much smoother and more fluid that itunes and has much better feature for me, like the zune music pass (expecially on my WP7 now)

    • MSfan

      The iPod touch (still) has no competition. Apple sold about 4.1 million units last quarter and 23 million in last 12 mo. the only thing slowing down sales is iPhone.  We can hate on iTunes all we want but the market has made up its mind.  :(

    • Jeffrey Syang

      so? Just because apple sold that many doesn’t mean that owning an alternative is taboo. Find something that fits your own needs; if the itouch/iphone fits, get it, if not, get something else.

  • Biased

    I did like my Zune HD (still do) but I think we all have to realize that they are competing products and that the Zune really didn’t fit MS’s “3 screens” model.

    With this said, hopefully this will free up the market for MS to put more memory storage in their phones.  That also seems to go against their skydrive model… Hmmm….

    • Guest

      What we need to realize is that Zune the device failed, mostly because of MS’s poor execution. Had the first device been the HD, it might have had a chance. At least the very good Zune software lives on in WP and on the PC.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.  I love my Zune80 (which can carry my entire 7700 track collection and videos) my 32g Dell Venue Pro cannot.  As such, I still have to carry my Zune with me.

  • Scott Wallace

    NOOO!!!!I love my ZUNE HD, with gorilla glass and great durablity!
    But I hope they do make a Windows Phone device, jsut without the phone!
    All those apps would be very nice! :)

  • doctorwhofan98

    Microsoft could have had a great market in MP3s with a new Zune. I mean, parents won’t let their kids have a smartphone, and they want to listen to music, so they get an iPod. An Apple iPod. Which is made by Apple.

    • Anonymous

      There is a Samsung Galaxy Player that recently came out to compete head-on with the iPod Touch.

  • Anonymous

    Its still available to buy under products

  • Mrdeezus

    When will they release a windows phone with a 4.3 in screen and 32 or 64gb?

    • rsgx

      Samsung or Nokia, later this year and early next.

  • Anonymous

    This is not true, mistake by MS, jumping the gun by calling it dead.

  • Anonymous

    I guess we saw this coming for a long time now.  A year or two ago, I thought a PMP was still necessary to invest in.  Now with my phone able to play music and all that, I just don’t know if there is a future for another device that you have to carry in your pocket.

    • Joe Murray

      PMP’s are still necessary ;).  Have you tried to strap a phone to your arm while you’re at the gym or out running, ugh! 

    • Anonymous

      Well that wouldn’t be an issue if you just stop exercising :)

      Besides, Zune HD wasn’t really meant for that either and I don’t think MS should bother trying to make a small player since there are already options like the Sansa Clip.  Although for Zune Pass subscribers, MS ought to try and work with OEM’s like Sansa to allow Zune DRM songs to play on their devices.

  • Guest

    MS: Get your fk’n act together. How many mistaken web publishing mistakes is this in just the last week? Is anyone running the show there?

  • luke516

    Why did the title change?

  • Owais_503

    What if microsoft puts zune in their windows 8 app store. It will be easier to just buy music from their.
    (If I m worng then i m sorry because i dont know alot about zune. Sorry my mistake)

  • Anonymous

    Zune insider announced that last weeks podcast would be the last… I believe the writing is on the wall for Zune devices and eventually the brand.

    Other interesting Zune bits. Matt Akers (of Zune Insider podcast) revealed that his work has shifted from working on the Zune PC client software to the Xbox for Windows 8 client.

    Although this is minor “Zune Pass” has now changed to “Zune Music Pass” paving the way for one of 3 things. They will be rolling out some type of other Pass services (i.e. Zune Movie Pass). They are simply setting Zune Music Pass up for an easier brand transition (i.e. Xbox Music Pass). The 3rd option is both of those things happening.

  • Candid Calum

    I love the Zune software; it provides a much more superior user experience over Spotify and others. Unfortunately, social networking integration is highly important to me, and Zune Pass lost me as a customer when Microsoft weren’t included in the list of many partners for Facebook Music. I cannot believe Microsoft of all people were not involved with this, especially as Zune Social was originally innovative in terms of social. If they ensure Zune plays well with Facebook Music sometime in the future, I will likely use Zune again, and I hope they do, but I cannot believe they are behind here.

    I realise this article is more concerned with the Zune devices, but I wanted a way to vent about this issue here on Winrumors :p

    • MVIM

      While social integration isn’t important to me, I was quite shocked that Spotify, Rdio, and other also-rans in the music business made it into Facebook’s music feed stream; but despite Microsoft’s investment in Facebook and their tight integration into Windows Phone, that the Zune service didn’t. Its integrated social features are good, but those only work with other Zune software users. I will continue to use Zune because I prefer choosing what I listen to over services like Spotify and Pandora where you only get a certain number of “skips” per month and still have to listen to ads.

      And to those of you who disagree, Spotify and Rdio are also-rans when iTunes and Pandora are as proportionally larger as they are.

  • Tim Mariner

    The Zune HD player is the best portable music player on the market.  I wouldn’t trade mine for an iPod or any other device.  I love my WP7, but it can’t replace the functionality and style of my Zune HD. 

    I now own two of them, and plan on purchasing one more to insure against loss–although I recently discovered how hearty they are.  I (accidentally) washed and dried one of my players in the laundry.  After waiting a few days, I was able to restart it and it works perfectly!

    It’s too bad Microsoft never found a way to market these babies!

  • guest

    I disagree with a lot of these comments. I think Zune hardware was a very good product….and if I saw a Zune HD commercial as often as a Geico commercial, people would know what it is and they would have been better sold, thus more successful