Microsoft has sold 100 million copies of Office 2010 since launch

By Tom Warren, on 11th Jul 11 5:29 pm with 5 Comments

Microsoft revealed on Monday that the company has sold 100 million copies of Office 2010 since its launch last year.

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, revealed the figure during a keynote speech at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles on Monday. Microsoft recently celebrated Office 2010′s first birthday, confirming that the software was doing well. The company didn’t reveal exact figures at the time but Ballmer claimed that the software maker has shifted 100 millions copies of the latest version of Office. Ballmer also revealed that over 50,000 businesses have started to trial Office 365 in the last two weeks since it was made generally available.

Microsoft previously revealed that businesses are deploying Office 2010 five times faster than the previous version. Office 2010 is also the fastest-selling version of Office in history. Office is currently used by more than 750 million users worldwide according to Microsoft. Office 2010 was the first release of the productivity suite to include both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Microsoft packed both versions onto one DVD across seven different flavours. Office 2010 also includes a free version with Microsoft Word and Excel. The free version, dubbed Office Starter, contains reduced functionality of Word and Excel and advertising.

  • Guest

    The save Ballmer’s job campaign seems to be going into full swing.

  • Guest

    The save Ballmer’s job campaign seems to be going into full swing.

  • doctorwhofan98

    Office 2010 is by far the best version of Office yet. I’ve seen a lot of places replace 2003 with it. Interesting that they missed out 2007…

    • Grannyville7989

      I knew a lot of people who were against the Ribbon UI when 2007 came out. Even I sceptical at first but after getting a copy and playing around with if for a bit, I discovered how much more productive I became, especially when building PowerPoints.

    • Mestiphal

      It has to do a lot more with Exchange Server 2003.  Yes, office 2010 by far is the best, but most IT’s have the philosopy, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  So they saw no real advantage of upgrading if they were not getting any really really good benefits.  Outlook 2010 doesn’t play too well with Exchange 2003, you really need to be on 2010 in order to be stable.

      Once Microsoft released Office 2010 through licensing, you could only downgrade to 2007, no more 2003, so cooporations would be split between 2003 and 2007/2010.   that’s when IT’s finally had to upgrade their servers.  Some Office 2010 were upgraded “free” through EA, Select, or ESAs, or the bigger portions at that.   Smaller enterprices and SMB normally were not under aggreements, and most of them did not have SA carried over from 2003, so a new whole purchase was necesary.