Microsoft highlights over 130 new Windows based devices at Computex

By Tom Warren, on 1st Jun 11 11:59 am with 4 Comments

Windows devices at Computex

Microsoft is showcasing more than 130 new Windows based devices at this year’s Computex trade show.

The software giant’s booth at the Computex tradeshow contains nearly 100 PCs that are either available immediately or soon to be released. The company has ultraportables, notebooks, secure buiness laptops, high-performance notebooks and gaming rigs on display. Microsoft also has a range of PCs, phones, servers, TVs and handheld devices.

“Investments in new technologies that simplify experiences and improve the way we interact with devices remain a Microsoft priority,” said Steven Guggenheimer, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s OEM Division, addressing COMPUTEX attendees. “Natural user interface (NUI) technologies and rich cloud services built into the Windows platforms help deliver immersive experiences to customers, and enable countless new business opportunities for our device partners.”

Windows devices at Computex

Microsoft’s fully fledged PC demos come at a time when the company is focussed on surfacing new Windows 7 PCs to current PC owners. The company kicked off a new advertising campaign last month as part of the “I’m a PC” range of commercials. Microsoft’s latest commercial features Julie, a Windows 7 skeptic who isn’t convinced she needs a new PC. Julie is part of a new Microsoft Windows advertising campaign aimed at consumers who own previous versions of Windows. The company is also offering students a free Xbox with a new PC and is asking businesses to “consumerize” their IT organization.

Microsoft’s latest campaign coincides with a slowdown of PC sales. Market research firm IDC released its latest Worldwide Quarterly PC tracker results in April. IDC says global PC shipments declined 3.2% during the first quarter of 2011, compared to the same period last year. IDC originally forecast a 1.5% growth in shipments. “A spike in fuel and commodity prices and the disruptions in Japan added to the mix, further dampening a market struggling to maintain momentum,” says IDC.

Microsoft is also demonstrating Windows Phone Mango devices, Windows Live Messenger video chat on PCs and a Windows 7-based touchscreen DJ turntable. Check-out Microsoft’s Computex booth tour below.

  • Jimmy Fallon

    I think the Elephant in the room that no one is noticing, will be the next generation of “tablets” even bigger than any Pads out there. That little Acer with the removable screen, is what people will want. A REAL computer, with a REAL keyboard, and a Touchscreen when it is needed and wanted. Give me one of those that is ULTRA thin and light with a Kinect interface for pinch to zoom with my hand that does not touch the screen, and with Windows 8, and there you will have not only your Ipad competitor, but your Ipad killer.

  • Jard

    that´s right jimmy.

    I think something like that or somethink like the Sliding PC from samsung are cool concepts.

    Also, i hope microsfot don´t forget about All in Ones with Touch posiblities. Something like the Touchsmart from HP that can be lay down.

    And also don´t forget in this field,  a All in one with Wacom Pen support for use in Windows to work on Photohop, Autocad, etc,… THIS IS A MUST have. I want to get rid out of my wacom tablet and work in the screen directly.

    I hope Microsfot doesn´t forget this two last ones. And push hard on it. That will be a smart move to leave the iMac behind. And put Microsoft into cosumer heads. I hope they don´t wait until Apple realeases an iMac with iOS or something like that, and lost this easy oportunity to offer this new desktop solution like part of their innovation.

    I´m talking in this last paragraph about user´s perception.

  • david prokop
  • david prokop