Microsoft hints at upcoming Xbox announcements this week

By Tom Warren, on 21st Feb 11 10:02 am with 12 Comments

Microsoft is holding a press conference later this week where it is expected to unveil new Xbox announcements.

The software giant will be participating at next week’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco and is expected to unveil its main news later this week ahead of the GDC. Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb has revealed that gamers will be “really happy” with Microsoft’s news later this week. Speaking on his latest podcast, Hyrb promises some “cool news” later this week:

“Next week I’m going to be down in San Francisco. We are having an invite-only press event that we’re going to have some cool news that I’m not quite fully briefed on, but we have a lot of news that we’re going to be announcing. Just telling you guys, you’re going to be really happy when you hear all the news, that’s all I can say.”

Microsoft is currently working on four new Kinect titles for release in 2011. The software maker is expected to release a “second wave” of Kinect games in April according to recent rumors. Microsoft’s GDC announcements may be related to the ongoing rumors of its Gears of War Kinect title or Forza 4.

Microsoft revealed at CES last month that the company has sold over 8 million Kinect sensors in just 60 days on the market. Microsoft’s Kinect sensor has been a phenomenal success story for the company. The console accessory sold out across a number of retailers during the recent festive season and Microsoft smashed its own estimates of 5 million units in 2010 by shipping 8 million devices.

According to recent reports, Microsoft may have sacrificed its January and February stocks to satisfy Christmas shoppers. The software giant has warned of further Kinect shortages in the coming weeks. WinRumors revealed last month that Microsoft officials are currently readying an official SDK and Kinect drivers for Windows. Microsoft is set to unveil driver support and an SDK in the coming months and will allow third-party developers to create titles that utilize the Kinect sensor when plugged into a PC.

  • Manish

    Let us see what is in the box

  • Hash

    xbox portable. Come on!!!!!

    • M_Lyons10

      Wouldn’t that be WP7?

    • GP007

      Yes, and no. A Xbox portable would be based on WP7 ya, without the phone parts AND some nice slide out controls, like the Playstation phone for example, hell, I think MS should just streight up ripoff the PSPhone design and go with it.

  • Grannyville7989

    I’ll be happy if all the announce is a Star Trek theme pack for my avatar.

    • Grannyville7989

      …if all THEY announce…

      I fall to pieces without my morning cup of tea.

  • Anonymous

    Playstation is looking really sweet these days. WP7 is not enough for Xbox, a portable non phone version with buttons is needed.

    • Anonymous

      With WP7 being an open platform anyone could come out with a phone with a slide out controller like that as long as they meet the specs for internals and features. The big problem is going to be getting games to adopt the gamepad for only a niche of the overall market.

  • GP007

    I’m betting on new games for sure, but it’d be a nice surprise if they also had some new services and maybe even a new Xbox Portable (ZuneHD2 but with a rebrand like everyones talking about).

  • Grannyville7989

    Some more Xbox LIVE enabled games for Windows Phone would be grand. I recommend Fruit Ninja to anyone who’s got a Windows Phone. Very addictive game with some pretty challenging achievements.

  • Anonymous

    I’m new to xbox and was disapppotined in the UI. It’s too confusing and disjointed. I would like to see a re-designed UI that uses more Kinect and is focused around home entertainment in general vs gaming. I’ve got Netflix and Last.FM, but I feel like I am using an iphone. I’m in the app, then out. In another, then out. It’s annoying and doesn’t feel integrated. Why can’t I listen to music from any source (Last.FM, my library, Windows Media Center, etc) then go browse photos or even the Facebook app? and where is the Pandora app?

  • Anonymous

    Its probably just the new netflix player with gesture support and the launch of Hulu app.. i’m not expecting anything cool..