Microsoft hires ‘content coach’ for Ballmer’s CES keynote

By Tom Warren, on 31st Dec 10 2:20 am with 7 Comments

Microsoft has brought in a “creative content coach” in preparation for Steve Ballmer’s big CES keynote on January 5.

Chet Logothestian, a self confessed content coach, has been hired by the software giant to help Steve Ballmer make the most of his CES keynote next week. Ballmer is expected to unveil a number of new Windows based Slate devices including a future device that runs on a new version of Windows that supports ARM chips. Logothestian is due to meet with Ballmer tomorrow to “coach” the less than shy CEO.

Microsoft has confirmed the “appointment” in several postings on the company’s official Facebook page. Chet doesn’t actually exist though, the hiring is the latest PR stunt from Redmond designed to drum up interest in the company’s CES plans. Microsoft typically uses CES to launch consumer products like Xbox and Windows Vista. CES 2010 saw a number of power issues for Microsoft’s Ballmer keynote and with lacklustre content it’s clear the company will avoid a similar situation in 2011. “Logothestian” describes himself as the following:

“I am world-renowned content coach. I have worked with politicians in writing acceptance speeches for suburban aldermen, I coached the setup speaker to the keynote address for the Wyoming Plumber Union Summit and the salutatorian class address for Maple Valley Middle School (Go Cougs!) I have recently been hired by Microsoft to analyze, mold and coach presenters, turning them into magicians and helping to create a successful CES 2011.”

We doubt that Ballmer needs any coaching on how to speak publicly. The outspoken CEO has famously managed to hold his own by describing competitors products, shouting loudly on stage and by being generally excitable. “Chet”, who seems to be an actor hired by Microsoft, has appeared as the software maker draws closer to next weeks show in Vegas. Steve Ballmer will kick start CES and Microsoft’s own announcements at 6:30 PM PST on January 5, 2011. WinRumors will be live at CES following Microsoft’s every foot step. Stay tuned.

Microsoft's CES coach

  • Jupast

    I hope his content is better than his fashion sense.

    • Grannyville7989

      Zing. :)

    • Wourelia

      Bing. :)

  • Anonymous

    This Chet Logothestian doesn’t even exist. It a lame PR campaign by MS. His fake Twitter account and Facebook page have just been setup a couple of days ago and a Google search on “Chet Logothestian” doesn’t return anything (other than the Facebook and Twitter stuff..). And he actually looks like an actor I have seen many times in TV series.. “Wyoming Plumber Union Summit” doesn’t exist either and the Mapple Valey school is:

    • Tom W

      Yeah I know, this is noted…

    • GP007

      That just shows you they’re putting even more into this CES compared to the past years. I find this move to be very very interesting now.

  • Grannyville7989

    You know what, I can’t wait for Ballmer to give his keynote. Despite people saying that he’s a bit nutty on stage, I find him highly entertaining to watch :)

    Steve Ballmer. He is Jesus.