Microsoft holding events to showcase new Windows Phones

By Tom Warren, on 20th Oct 11 7:10 pm with 21 Comments

Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango"

Microsoft is planning to host a number of events across the U.S. to showcase new Windows Phone 7.5 devices.

The software giant has arranged events throughout November and December to show off the HTC Titan, HTC Radar, Samsung Focus S and Samsung Focus Flash devices. Microsoft is planning cocktails and food from top local chefs alongside live performances from indie bands like Matt & Kim or Young the Giant. Microsoft’s Brian Seitz revealed the event locations on Thursday but warned that the tickets to the free events are very limited. Those interested in attending can reserve their tickets at the Windows Phone Facebook page.

New York City

November 7 & 8 Featuring: Matt and Kim


November 11 & 12 Featuring: The Drums


November 16 & 17 Featuring: Young The Giant

Los Angeles

November 30 & December 1 Featuring: MuteMath

San Francisco

December 6 & 7

  • Anonymous

    Why is the DC area almost always ignored?

    • Guest2009

      A better question is: Why are non-US countries always ignored ;)

    • oolong2

      Software yes, Hardware no.

      The Titan and Radar are already for sale in Europe. and who knows how long it will take Nokia handsets to get to the US after they are announced.

    • Guest

      Everyone’s too scared they’ll be mugged or shot.

    • Anonymous

      Yes everyone is super scared they’ll get shot outside of the Washington Monument and Georgetown Prep. /s

  • Penta2100

    Whats the middle one? It looks nice, and why couldn’t they have one in DC? I wanna try some free gourmet food!

    • Tom W

      That’s just a trophy :)

    • Pieter Kroon

      Strange how the Trophy looks better than the Radar ;-) At least from the front… :D

  • Anonymous

    Already RSVPed for NY and Chicago.

  • Erik Oegema

    Where is Amsterdam? :’(

    • Pieter Kroon

      Haha, I wanted to make the same reply :P

    • janespoon

      Oh Oh specs from the future….. Not……

    • CG

      I’ll nuke this country if they don’t allow me to find my next WP7/8 without having to chase them down and argue with ridiculous salesmen.

  • Scott
  • Guest

    There was a time when MS did literally hundreds of local user group and community related presentations in every major city across NA. Why aren’t they doing that for WP7? It’s a lot more effective than major formal events in just a few limited venues.

  • Anonymous

    See you boys in LA on night one! 

  • Chrgeorgeson

    Sad…. no Portland Oregon.

  • Aaron Chow

    Has anyone signed up on December 6th in San Francisco?  If so, I will see you there!

  • Guest

    I am still waiting for a verizon mango 7 phone with 4g LTE.

  • Republican 2012

    Awesome i am going for sure and cant wait see awesome wp 7.5 iphone and android are just crappy phones

  • Republican 2012

    Los Angeles gonna be great event. Also i saw this in the new on tv ck out this person watching live tv using his windows phone while driving so fricken awesome.