Microsoft hosting special Silverlight day to ease worried developers and reveal future plans

By Tom Warren, on 12th Nov 10 2:05 pm with 3 Comments

Microsoft Silverlight Firestarter event

Microsoft is planning to dedicate a whole day to the future of Silverlight.

The software giant will host a developer event on December 2 where it promises to reveal the future of Silverlight. Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie will be on hand to detail the future roadmap of Silverlight at Microsoft. Several Microsoft employees will also host sessions covering training and performance tips for coding Silverlight applications.

The event, described as “an extra day of PDC, decidated to Silverlight”, will be hosted at Microsoft’s headquarters on December 2, 2010. Microsoft will also stream the sessions over the web for developers worldwide. Microsoft revealed their strategy had “shifted” for Silverlight in an interview with Mary Jo Foley at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) last month. Bob Muglia admitted to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley  that “HTML is the only true cross platform solution for everything”. Muglia made his comments at a time when Silverlight developers are crying out for information on the future direction of Silverlight and any hints at Silverlight 5.

“Silverlight is our development platform for Windows Phone,” said Muglia. The Microsoft President, in charge of the company’s server and tools division, assured Foley  that there would be a future version of Silverlight and that it would be very much in line, in terms of functionality and features, as Silverlight 4. After Muglia’s revelations the company went on damage control and even CEO Steve Ballmer issued a statement. “Silverlight provides the richest media streaming capabilities on the web, and we will continue to deliver that on both Windows and Mac,” wrote the Microsoft CEO in a statement released earlier this month.

Guthrie is likely to detail the next version of Silverlight and an expected timeline for a first beta offering. The event will clear up any confusion and worry about the future of Silverlight. To register in-person or online please visit Microsoft’s Silverlight Firestarter page.

  • GP007

    There really was no need for SL devs to freak out at what was said back at PDC, HTML5 for web apps and sites is going to get used more and be at the head of dev for that platform. But SL isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, they’ve said time and again it’s their choice for RIA apps and the main dev platform for WP7 and it’s future versions.

  • Anonymous

    That actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

  • Me

    Silverlight is dead for strategic development