Microsoft interested as Geohot jokes over Windows Phone 7 jailbreak

By Tom Warren, on 19th Jan 11 12:48 am with 5 Comments

Geohot joked on his personal blog that he will be purchasing a Windows Phone 7 device soon and has caught Microsoft’s attention.

George Hotz (Geohot) is known for his ability to jailbreak both the iPhone and PlayStation 3. Hotz is currently being pursued by Sony who sued him over 8 counts of DMCA violation. Geohot updated his personal blog on Tuesday with the following:

perhaps a more appropriate way to deal with jailbreakers
I’m going out to buy a Windows 7 phone

The link is in reference to an Engadget story about Microsoft’s recent meeting with the ChevronWP7. Geohot’s joke/threat that he is planning to purchase a Windows Phone 7 device has caught the eye of Microsoft. Brandon Watson, Director of Developer Experience for Windows Phone, posted a tweet this evening attempting to reach Geohot:

Microsoft's message to Geohot

Microsoft’s approach is in stark contrast to that of Sony who are aggressively pursuing Geohot for his PlayStation 3 jailbreaking software. Microsoft representatives met with Rafael Rivera and Long Zheng of the ChevronWP7 team on Monday to discuss their Windows Phone 7 “jailbreak” tool and Microsoft’s plans to support homebrew applications on Windows Phone 7.

ChevronWP7 famously released their Windows Phone 7 “unlock” tool in late Novermber that allowed owners to side load home-brew applications. The tool, named ChevronWP7, used a method to trick the OS into registering itself as a Windows Phone 7 developer device with the application rather than Microsoft directly. Microsoft normally charges $99 a year for the privilege of loading developer applications. ChevronWP7 pulled the tool at Microsoft’s request just two weeks after it was originally released. It was later revealed that Windows Phone 7 devices “phone home” after around two weeks to re-lock unofficial developer devices, rendering the tool useless.

WinRumors has attempted to reach George Hotz for comment but at the time of writing has not yet received a response.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool on Microsoft’s part. This goes to show you that instead of trying to take someone to court which would essentially solve nothing it is intended to, hire them and have them work with you to fix the issues/holes that they found with your product.

    • Tom W

      Indeed, it’s a refreshing approach.

  • daud

    for kind info Geohot is not on Twitter. He has left Twitter ages ago.

    • Anonymous

      really so who is GeohotUS?

  • Oime

    Better to make a neutral your Ally than your Enemy , good to see MS is following this way ;P

    Btw Geohot’s account on Twitter wasn’t suspended ?