Microsoft introduces iTunes sync support for Zune HD Mac owners

By Tom Warren, on 16th Feb 11 3:24 pm with 5 Comments

Zune HD sync on Mac OS X

Microsoft has introduced Zune HD support for Apple iTunes sync on Mac OS X.

The software giant released its final version of the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac on Wednesday and extended the support to its Zune HD media player. Microsoft chief Zune HD evangelist, Dave McLauchlan, previously hinted that the functionality would be present in the final build and Microsoft has followed through.

The software allows Zune HD owners to sync their music, photos, videos and podcasts from their iTunes library. The Windows Phone Connector sits on top of Apple’s iTunes/iPhoto for Mac and interacts with both software programs using public APIs. Microsoft says it has not had to work with Apple in order to implement the connector. The install package is extremely lightweight at only 1.5MB. It’s not designed to replace the Zune experience from the PC and we hope that Microsoft considers writing a full Zune application for Mac in the future.

You can download a copy of Microsoft’s Connector (which works with the Zune HD) at Apple’s Mac Store.

Thanks to WinRumors reader Juliana Pena for the news tip.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t you just say “zune is dead” eh? eh? :)

    • Jason Mountjoy

      I agree. Unless it (the Zune client you wished for) has a simple, simple, simple upgrade path to whatever Microsoft wind up with for Windows PCs, they’re looking at a more fractured ecosystem in the long run. Something that most industry observers and end users alike would agree to be a very bad thing. As it stands, I like Zune. Recent convert thanks to WP7, but if the long term strategy for MS is to move away from Zune, building a Mac compatible client seems like a less than great plan.

    • astroX

      He never said that .. he said Zune is rebranding which means that its name is most likely to change and be part of the Windows Live services, just that.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad this isn’t the full Zune software. If it were, I would probably buy a Zune for the Zune pass.

  • any-o-nimous

    Woah, I was just considering buying a Zune. I can honestly say that I like it more than the iPod, but I have a Mac and don’t want install some new software and then export my iTunes library or something. I just may get one, now.

    What a coincidence!