Microsoft investigating Windows Phone Mango Zune freezing problems

By Tom Warren, on 18th Oct 11 4:36 pm with 38 Comments

Zune on Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango"

Microsoft revealed on Tuesday that it is also investigating widespread reports of Zune issues on the recently released Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” operating system update.

A number of threads have surfaced at Microsoft’s own support forums and on XDA-developers complaining of random crashes whilst playing songs in the Zune music hub of Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango”. One thread has attracted 218 replies from frustrated Windows Phone users. The problem seems to affect HTC devices and results in devices hard locking up during Zune playback, forcing users to reset the device by removing the battery.

Microsoft revealed to WinRumors that it is aware of the issues and is investigating the reports. “Customer support is working with the individuals reporting changes to their experience,” confirmed a Microsoft spokesperson. “We are investigating these reports to determine the root cause of any issues users are having.” One poster at Microsoft’s support forums summarizes the issues:

  • A majority of user’s reporting this problem have devices from HTC.
  • Most of the HTC devices are HD7s
  • Problem does not occur when phone is rolled back to NoDo
  • Devices with and without DRM’d tracks have experienced the problem.
  • Disabling the artist picture on the lock screen makes the problem appear to go away (temporarily) but problem returns after next reboot
  • The problem is less likely to occur if the device is connected to a power source or the device’s screen is not locked
  • The problem has occurred on both MP3 and WMA tracks
  • The problem may be less likely to happen when bluetooth earphones or the phone’s speaker is being used instead of the headphones. This is still being tested.

The reports follow confirmation from Microsoft on Monday that it is investigating keyboard problems for some users on Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango”. A number of users have reported that the keyboard in Windows Phone disappears randomly on text entry across the operating system.

Thanks to WinRumors reader Mike Thompson for the news tip.

  • OMG55

    This is really weird, I’m not having any problems with my Samsug Focus with the keyboard or my zune player. I’m listening to it now.

    • Jonathan Marston

      Same here. No problems with Mango other than slightly less battery life, and I use Zune a lot. I even just added a 16GB memory card so I could load it up with more music! :-)

    • Joe

      The problems are extremely intermitent. I’ve not experienced the keyboard issue, but the Zune freeze happened to me once about a month ago (while running beta version)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting, I am having this issue and was wondering if it was unique to my phone.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve got the Dell Venue Pro and haven’t had any or the reported problems.  Does anyone know if the keyboard issue is OS wide or related to specific phones?

  • lebeau32

    My keyboard will leave my screen sometimes, since Mango, but I was thinking it might just be me hitting something on the screen.  It happens on occassions since Mango and I can’t ever remember it happening before. I also have the Samsung Focus.

  • Vinicius Melquiades

    “The problem may be less likely to happen when bluetooth earphones or the phone’s speaker is being used”
    That’s why I haven’t noticed anything. I use bluetooth earphones

  • Guest

    As an owner of an HD7 I too have experienced this issue but as disappointing as it is, it is still gratifying to see the community raising it with Microsoft and Microsoft themselves acting to resolve the issue.  I am totally convinced it will be fixed in the near term.  Is it possible this could be an OTA update?

    That said… it does continue to highlight the issue of not controlling the hardware production supply chain in the way that Apple does.  I’m sure there will be people more than willing to highlight problems with updates to iOS etc but the fundamentally fixed and known iPhone architecture must make this somewhat easier.

    Personally, I really hope Microsoft can minimise these kind of issues so as to continue to offer a range of form-factors for Windows Phone.

    • WixosTrix

      I believe Microsoft backed out of OTA updates quite a few months ago.  I think before they do that, they should get a proper backup system.  To keep things simple it should backup system settings, message threads, and app data whenever it syncs, if there are any changes.  With wireless sync enabled, there would be very little potential for data loss.

  • Anonymous

    i use a HD7 with mango on it but have no issues.

  • RommelS

    Wow …I’m glad that I have not experience both issues with my HD7! Knocking on wood …

  • Farooq Omar

    i have HD7 tmobile with mango and i dont have that problem 

    • James Smith

      I do too, but I DO have the problem.

  • gary

    I updated my phone to 7.5 and it is now useless, keyboard disappears all the time, the battery life is rubbish now ?!?!?!, and it freezes all the time. I dont use Zune cos 8Gb wont hold jack sh1tThis is still like Beta software, how did a bug this widespread get through QA…….. MS need to get this sorted NOW !!!!!!!!!

  • DroidUser

    Apple and Google are offering free phones for those who are experiencing problems with WP7.
    Oh well. No wonder people do not trust MS in Mobile Arena. They need to come up with a solid OS. What happened to Testing? Nodo had problems updating, now Mango after raving beta and reviews, the actual OS is crap. So what happened between beta release and RTM? This shows they still dont get it. Look at iOS, this is the first time they are having problems upgrading and that too they are making the transition still bearable. It is acceptable in case of millions of devices. What is wrong with MS? With little market share for WP7, these things should not happen. It will not be good for WP7

    • oolong2

      Yes because Android and iOS5 have no bugs right?

      Listen Troll….  If an isolated problem made the entire OS crap Android wouldn’t have a marketshare.

    • Jonathan Marston

      Seriously? Mango is crap? Have you used it? Mine phone is fine, and from
      what I’ve seen the majority of users aren’t having these issues.

      And you really believe that iOS 5 was the first time the iPhone had
      update issues? Where have you been? People have been getting bricked
      phones and a flood of issues every time Apple comes out with a major
      version. It took them 4 major updates just to get a reliable alarm

    • Robert Wade

      The fact that you are a DroidUser tells me everything I need to know.  You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.  The OS WAS tested, you mental midget, but as is ALWAYS the case (Apple is discovering this right now) unless your sample size for testing is truly massive, you cannot guarantee that every conceivable variation is accounted for.  It’s a percentage game.  I have the Focus and have seen none of the issues described.  There are three players to testing: OEMs, Microsoft and the carriers.  Any one of those players could have dropped the ball in terms of thoroughness.  FYI, the Android realm is so chaotic that you guys can’t even keep a single OS version going—you’re all over the place.  So, until you remove the plank in YOUR eye, sit down shut up and color.

    • DroidUser

      Hey Moron, before you call me a mental Midget, Look at yourslef in the mirror. Since my monikor is droiduser doesn’t mean squat. How can you understand that you idiot. If they had tested, this problem would not have happened is it. It is major mishap from their Quality Assurance team. If there was no problems of this kind seen on beta version how come it suddenly happend on RTM version. Somewhere sombody goofed up. Go home to your basement and you dont belong in real tech task world.

    • Guest

      Testing != 100% guarantee of no subsequent problems on rollout. Learn how to read. And using a spell checker would also be appreciated.

    • 217

      You blame Microsoft for a problem exclusive to HTC phones. I am sure your dear Google cant even bring an update to all the Android phones out there at the same time, across all devices. I am pretty sure many of the them will NEVER get an update. Google is the past, and you will see they start to fall in the next 2 years.

    • Guest

      How does you know it was tested? Were you in the testing team? May be you were. No wonder everybody else is having problems except you. Or may be you cannot even recognize the problem.
      That may be the case… LOL. Fanboys at war

    • Dave

      I’m having this problem too with my HD7, I can get around it by not letting the screen lock (unless it’s a coincidence), i wont reply to the “everything windows is sh!t brigade”, I’ve had worse problems with other smartphones especially running Spotify on Apple products. I’m no techie or fanboy as one of the other guys puts it, even with this problem I’m still mighty impressed. I do hope this problem sorts itself out soon, as a heavy user of Zune and previously Spotify on Apple I’d go for Zune every time. Dave

    • Guest

      “Apple and Google are offering free phones for those who are experiencing problems with WP7. ”


  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t this caused by HTC’s sound enhancer? I thought we’d already cleared this up?

    • Matt Middlebrook

      The HTC Sound enhancer only made the problem worse. With the sound enhancer on the crashes can happen within minutes of the phone going onto the lock screen, without the enhancer it “can” last hours but will inevitably crash on lock screen.

  • Guest

    Yeah, I’ve been on the main answers thread on Microsoft forums and can confirm a LOT of people have this. I’ve got an HD7 and all of this started after the Mango update. Fortunately I think HTC/Microsoft are taking it seriously and really are looking into this so I expect something good will come down the wire soon(ish).
    Obviously Microsoft are still pushing out Mango to everyone so I won’t be surprised if we have to wait a bit until all of that has sorted it self out before we get another update (also doesn’t look that great from a PR point of view). Still, it’s people power that has kept this issue in the spotlight and I’m pleased we are making progress.

    • James Smith

      I’m having the same problem. Love the phone and hope this gets resolved soon. :-(

  • Rensul

    I use Zune extensively on my HTC Trophy and haven’t had any problems.

  • Joe

    This happened to me once (admittedly whilst running the beta version) while I was driving to a job interview. I use my HD7 as my music player in my car and it froze up as I was driving to the interview (using maps to guide me) and I was supposed to call 10 minutes before I arrived. Took me 15 minutes to figure out how to hard-reboot to unfreeze the thing. This can definitely be a major issue if it happens at the wrong time.

  • Anonymous

    It shows that the Android/WP7 model of putting an OS on an infinite variety of hardware is a failure. Apple’s vertically integrated approach is the ONLY way to control quality.

    • Anonymous

      If you do a search for “IOS 5 update problems”, you’ll find that even in a tightly controlled environment, there are always factors that can produce unforeseen problems.

  • Anonymous

    I used to have that problem back in 7.0 and NoDo days…. with Samsung Focus. I don’t know about now, since I gave up on using Zune on my phone.(Royal Zune HD user, ftw!)

  • Dave

    any udpate from HTC or MS on this yet, super frustrating!

  • Chris Reynolds

    I have had this problem and tried several solutions to fix it, but only one worked.  I change the “screen timeout” to “never” and don’t put the phone to sleep.  I have not had it freeze yet with this solution, but it is annoying. I wish MS would just come out with a fix.  Apple comes out with fixes within a couple weeks of an issue being reported, but it has been nearly 2 months and Microsoft still hasn’t fixed the issue. 

  • Иванов Евгений

    HTC 7 Mozart got same problem after 1 month.

  • Armstrong Charles

    I’m having the problem with HTC HD7

    • Dave

      the fix was rolled out today… fixed my issue and added internet sharing (HD7 on T-Mobile)! :)