Microsoft issues 1.1 update for OneNote iPhone app, adds new features

By Tom Warren, on 26th Apr 11 6:39 pm with 7 Comments

Microsoft has released an update to its first official Microsoft Office application for the iPhone today, OneNote.

The 1.1 application update is available immediately in Apple’s App Store for iPhone. OneNote Mobile for the iPhone lets you capture and review notes and lists on your phone. Notes are automatically backed up and synced with free Windows Live SkyDrive online storage, so that you can access them from virtually anywhere – your PC, phone, and browser.

Microsoft has added the following features and improvements in version 1.1:

  • The ability to email your notes right from your iPhone
  • An easier way to delete notes that you no longer want
  • More intuitive icons and a Home button that makes it simpler to select or move between multiple notebooks
  • A simplified sign-in screen and more help with getting a Windows Live ID account
  • Faster notebook syncing and better overall app performance
  • A more comprehensive OneNote Mobile for iPhone Help page in an easy-to-scan FAQ format

Microsoft says it’s initially making the application available for U.S. customers only. “We’re working to make it available in other regions as well, and we’ll keep you updated as it becomes available,” said a Microsoft spokesperson earlier this year. OneNote for iPhone is still only available in the United States at the time of writing. [Apple iTunes link]

OneNote for iPhone

  • Cristopher rowlands

    I still wish the WindowsPhone version was a bit more like this.
    I love the whole metro design language as much as the next wp7 fanboy, but I think its a bit TOO minimal.

    This iPhone app looks just right to me, it has just the right level of content vs chrome.
    You could easily see the 4 menu buttons being on the applicationbar on wp7, then all you need to do is remove the “back” buttons on screen (because the physical back button would cover that) & you have a great wp7 app.

  • Aaron Parker


  • Daniel Ellul

    Yeh the app still isn’t on the Australian app store. Just like everything Microsoft launches.

  • Dave Dustin

    What I’d like is for this to be upgraded to be a iPad app as well. This sort of thing would be ideal for the larger screensize

  • Anonymous

    Does it have handwriting recognition like the OneNote Windows app? Didn’t think so.

    • Guest

      (As I don’t think you are referring to OneNote for WP7…)
      The handwriting recognition in Office 2010 for Windows isn’t any good at all.
      It works much better if you use the Tablet PC input panel in Windows itself.
      Otherwise many words are incorrectly recognised and all the formatting is lost.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll download this OneNote app for iPhone. But as a MacBook user with Office for Mac 2011, I probably won’t use it until they create a desktop version of OneNote for Mac. The ability to sync to the OneNote web app is meaningless as the web version of OneNote is just terrrible. It’s simply inconceivable that what I consider to be Microsoft’s best app does not have a Mac version well into the middle of 2011. It’s a travesty. It’s just killing my productivity and as a result I am forced to seriously consider a move to Evernote.