Microsoft kicks off Bing Facebook commercials

By Tom Warren, on 21st May 11 10:40 am with 14 Comments

Microsoft has started to advertise its Bing and Facebook integration.

The software giant has created two adverts that highlight the social aspects of Bing’s close Facebook integration. The two commercials feature friends and the tagline “Bing and decide, with your friends.” Bing enabled a broad Facebook “like” feature earlier this week. Users can now receive personalised search results based on recommendations from their Facebook friends. The feature allows users to narrow down their search choices based on what their friends like.

In other Bing news, Microsoft’s Director of Search claims that traditional search, like Google, is failing. Stefan Weitz believes Google’s ten year old model doesn’t work well today. “Search itself hasn’t changed fundamentally in the past 12 years,” he said. “Traditional search is failing. The standard notion of search … looking at the texts in the page, the backlinks, all that stuff doesn’t work anymore.” Bing has slowly been gaining market share in the U.S. market recently. The software giant’s “decision engine” now has 14.1% U.S. market share compared to Google’s 65.4% according to data from comScore. Bing grew faster in October than Google and has continued to rise recently. Bing reached an all time high of 11.8% market share in November but has improved upon the figure between December and April.

  • Jay Montano

    I couldn’t hear the tag line. I know what it’s meant to do, but I couldn’t hear the video when they said, “when you search on bing, your friends on facebook will be…….blah blah….bing and decide. “

    • sca2pula

       ”…help you decide” Thought it was pretty easy to hear

  • jl

    like it. 

  • Will Fisher

     is it US only?

    • Alessandro Grua

      Nope, I can see it on the US version in Europe too!

  • Jadams

    Im a big fan of this feature. Good job microsoft.

  • Translatethis27

     GOOGLE is better.

    • Anonymous

      GTFO Troll 

    • Ame

      Troll? He’s right… I mean I love Windows and Office but Bing… seriously? I actually see no purpose in bing as it searches have either been as good or worse than google…

    • Will Fisher

      better because it didn’t improve standard search for the last decade, just kept it the same…cleverrrr 

    • Will Fisher

      better because it didn’t improve standard search for the last decade, just kept it the same…cleverrrr 

  • rojo

     Love those commercials. MS has done a great job with Bing. Love the maps. And I cannot wait until the HTML 5 version is released.

  • Christopher Soriano

    I think these are great commercials.  Short, direct, feature-focused, and easy to understand for average users.  Microsoft needs to have the advertising teams for Bing work on WP7 ads.

  • Diego3336

    Chromeo? Chrome OS? =P