Microsoft kicks off Hotmail Active Views platform

By Tom Warren, on 17th Dec 10 7:56 am with 4 Comments

Microsoft has started introducing its Hotmail Active Views platform this week.

The software giant is providing a new way to interact with emails. Active Views allows select senders to run secure code in their email messages. The code allows users to interact with their Hotmail messages in new ways. Microsoft has partnered with Orbitz and to pilot the new type of email messages.

Orbitz’s Active View allows users to book hotels straight from within their email message. allows readers to search for jobs within their emails. Microsoft say it will introduce additional pilot partners in the coming weeks. Netflix and LinkedIn are both expected to launch shortly. Netflix users will be able to manage their account from within their Inbox and LinkedIn users will be able to accept invitations straight from within their Inbox.

  • Aguijap

    Do we really need it?. It is´not a universal mail format and it´s something that we have now one click away. I can not understand the benefits.

    • GP007

      You can do more right in the email itself since it’s dynamic and not just a static html page that could have old info on it for all you know.

      The two examples are interesting, you can do more right from within hotmail instead of having to open a link in a new tab to the main page and then try to find what they email talked about. It cuts down on the steps needed and also is faster.

  • Michael Stanclift

    Awesome! A new and improved malware distribution method!

  • Cenek Havelka