Microsoft launches “The Art of Touch” site to showcase Microsoft Touch Mice

By Tom Warren, on 10th Nov 11 3:00 pm with 10 Comments
Microsoft Touch Mice

Microsoft Touch Mice

Microsoft announced the launch of a new site on Thursday, dedicated to the family of touch mice available to date.

Microsoft’s Touch Mouse, Arc Touch Mouse and Explorer Touch Mouse are all available from retailers and Microsoft claims they “raise the bar on innovation and customer experience.” The new site lets visitors create original works of art with a palette of brushes and effects. The artwork can be shared on social networks and voted on by visitors, allowing the most popular entries to win a grand prize of “featured artists” status on the Art of Touch website.

“We wanted to reinvigorate the magic of technology in a dynamic and new way by redefining what a mouse can create, and we welcome everyone to contribute to the communal canvas,” said François Ruault, senior director of marketing for Microsoft Hardware. “People can further their experience on the Art of Touch website by learning about the Microsoft family of Touch mice.”

Microsoft is planning to launch its Art of Touch project at the company’s new Microsoft Store in University Village, Seattle. Each individual who creates a work of art using the new site will be entered into a weekly prize giveaway. Participants will have the chance to win Microsoft Touch mice, Windows 7-based PCs and other prizes that will feature their artwork. The person who wins the grand prize of “featured artist”, by December 31, will receive a Windows 7 PC and a Microsoft Touch Mouse.

If you’re interested in entering then visit

  • Anonymous

    I just want that Adaptive Keyboard!  MS… Please integrate support for this as a standard for Windows 8.

    See here.

    • Nick Webster

      I want this now, how is this not a product? I hope something comes of this research in the form of something I can spend my money on.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure price is the problem. It looks amazing, but with the touch screen, this is going to be a very expensive keyboard.

  • Jubbin Grewal

    I like how they send the fatty mouse to the background

  • Anonymous

    Has to be better than Apple’s Magic Mouse.  That thing was crap.  Glad I sold and bought an Apple Trackpad :) (much much better).

    • Anonymous

      Magic Mouse > Mighty Mouse! Either way the Magic Trackpad defeats all. Only for Mac though.

    • Anonymous

      Oh for sure. The Mighty Mouse was far-far worse. The Magic Trackpad is the only good Apple designed cursor device… well…since…forever. Surprisingly I was able to sell my 1.5 year-old Magic Mouse for $40. Amazing the resell value of products with an Apple logo on them.

  • Pedro Roque

    Damm! I was going to register this domain for my porn site!

  • JimmyFal

    I like my touch mouse, but lack of smooth pinch to zoom is annoying. You can hold ctrl and use the middle to zoom but the laggy zoom is sub par on todays computing experience. I also like the scrolling on large up and down scrolling pages, but would prefer an improved solution that would be as responsive as the good old roller ball. The one thing it excels at is, I have four monitors, and I can swipe my fingers left or right to half the screen. You can’t do that normally because it would just move the window to the other screen. That feature is indispensible. And the three finger up motion to display all open windows is also very nice. I don’t like when I three finger swipe down it minimizes everything, but does not maximize everything that was up before when swiping back up. They need to add more customization.

  • Anonymous