Microsoft launches updated Bing Maps iOS SDK

By Tom Warren, on 5th May 11 9:09 pm with 7 Comments

Microsoft announced on Thursday a new Bing Maps iOS SDK.

The new SDK provides developers with a set of Objective C classes to developer iPhone and iPad applications within Xcode. The SDK also includes documentation and several sample projects to kick start development. Bing’s iOS map control supports Bing’s road, aerial and hybrid aerial map styles and allows developers to add pushpins to maps and access a users location via GPS.

“In keeping with our focus on performance across the Bing Maps platform, we have separated the Bing Maps Controls from the Bing Maps services to lighten the load,” says Microsoft’s Bing Maps team. The separation allows developers to use the Bing Maps iOS control in conjunction with the Bing Maps RESET service (Geocoding and Routing) to build fully featured map apps.

Microsoft’s Bing Maps iOS SDK also allows developers to integrate Bing Maps into their existing applications at no extra cost. “We think you will find that the terms of use are less restrictive than what you find with the Apple Map Kit, with no sacrifice in functionality,” says Microsoft. The new Bing Maps iOS SDK is available immediately at Microsoft’s download site.

Bing Maps examples on iOS

  • AlienSix

    Could we work on Bing on WP7? why are you giving iOS all the Bing love??

    • Anonymous

      I do agree that Bing on Windows Phone is poorly executed compared to Bing for iOS (even when not compared to Bing for iOS, still poor :D)

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn’t the Bing SDK be part of WP7 itself?

  • vashibhavin

    please have voice-based navigation on WP7 using bing maps. WTF

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    So google maps just isn’t enough

  • Anonymous

    What about improving Bing for wp7? its very poor!!

  • Anonymous

    Love the complaints that totally missed the point in these kind of threads. WP7 already has a bing SDK, they released one for iOS. Now stop whining in every iOS thread.