Microsoft launches Windows Phone Marketplace Extra to highlight the best apps

By Tom Warren, on 1st Nov 11 8:20 pm with 15 Comments

Windows Phone Marketplace

Microsoft announced on Tuesday its Windows Phone Marketplace Extra site.

The website is designed to showcase the very best Windows Phone apps or apps that Microsoft thinks are “pin worthy”. The Windows Phone Marketplace Extra will act as a hub for Windows Phone users to discover new, fun and handy Windows Phone apps. “Marketplace Extra adds the human touch,” explains Microsoft’s Michael Stroh in a blog post on Tuesday. “Each month a team of writers and editors—me included—will comb Marketplace for great apps and games to feature.”

Microsoft is also planning to spotlight app news, reviews and videos. The site aims to be a great place for first time Windows Phone users or those wishing to search for top apps they may have missed. The Windows Phone Marketplace Extra is available immediately and features a mix of top apps from News and going out to music and traveling.

  • RommelS

    This is actually a great idea considering that fact that there are too many apps out in the Marketplace.

  • Anonymous

    they should do more at getting apps to the appstore rather than this gimmickry.. 35,000 apps in a year is woefully in adequate.. there is also lots of crappy apps looking at its low volume of apps

    • Adam

      it’s not a ton. but i’m under the impression that it’s at least as many as android had in their first year, and it’s outpaced apple’s app #s from early on. I do agree that a lot of the apps are meh, but i think you’ll find that to be true on any platform.

    • Anonymous

      Android has not yet overtaken iOS although its very much anticipated that android might overtake iOS But iOS had lot more apps than wp7 during its first year. Problem is MS is not doing much to get apps to the platforms and even the ones available most are very crappy. I don’t see how Microsoft can’t use its influence to get game studios to get exclusive games to the platform.

    • mustafa taleb

      well wp7 sold more devices than android in its first year.

    • Guest

      Android has overtaken iPhone, both worldwide and in the US.

    • Tom Thumb

      The anti-trust regulators just left the building a few months ago and you’re advocating for Microsoft to go back to the old ways and start influencing other companies into lock-outs and exclusives?

      Guess it is true, a Leopard can’t change its spots.

  • Anonymous

    MS needs to focus alot more on in house marketing. This is great but I would like to see more WP App marketing on the Xbox dashboard etc.

    • Karl Cramer

      Uh, there is. There’s a weekly video show up on the dashboard, “Hot Apps.”

  • mustafa taleb

    GO WP7!! I just bought my Samsung Focus and i’m loving it! :D 

    • Abc

      Should have waited for a week.. Samsung Focus S is on it’s way…

  • Anonymous

    US based website. It annoys me because one of the apps on there, the Amazon store app has never been made available in the UK. I’ll be honest, I’ve been using the Windows Phone since launch but I’m becoming disappointed and deflated with the OS. 

  • Lachlan C McLeod

    This is exactly what HP did with the Touchpad and it was awesome.. although i think hp jumped the gun a bit because they had soooo few apps for the touchpad but this will help dig through some of the crap out there.

  • Tyler McFerson

    So Infinity Blade is in there right?


  • Shawn

    Are there any plans to actually market this on TV?   This is the coolest product no one knows about.   MSFT needs to invest in marketing as much as MSFT does on R&D.