Microsoft makes its ‘Be what’s next’ motto official

By Tom Warren, on 7th Nov 10 10:58 am with 2 Comments

Microsoft has filed a trademark application to officially declare “Be what’s next” as the new corporate tagline.

Microsoft revealed the new motto at the company’s employee only Global Exchange (MGX) event earlier this year in Atlanta. The new tagline was officially shown in a video (see below) which emphasised a new flexibility between the various brands of Microsoft. The tagline originally appeared alongside what was thought to be new ribbon styled icons. However, Microsoft officials denied that they would be used as product logos in future versions.

“Be what’s next” appears to focus more on consumers and with the recent launch of both Windows Phone 7 and Kinect, Microsoft is likely to start using the new motto in the new year for various marketing campaigns. Long Zheng notes that Microsoft filed a trademark for the tagline earlier this week. Microsoft has been slowly shying away from the current tagline of “your potential, our passion”. With a new motto, the company is clearly aiming to stay more relevant in an ever changing technology market.

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