Microsoft Messenger for Mac 8 released

By Tom Warren, on 25th Oct 10 9:38 am with 4 Comments

Microsoft has officially released Messenger for Mac 8 ahead of the Office 2011 for Mac launch on October 26.

Messenger for Mac 8 provides audio and video calls for the first time in the Mac version of Messenger. The product has seen a drawn out development phase where progress was slow due to challenges implementing A/V support. Microsoft originally promised a beta product in 2009 after first demonstrating the A/V support at MacWorld 2009. A beta was eventually released in March this year and the final product ships with Office 2011 for Mac.

Over 300 million people use Windows Live Messenger across 76 countries and 48 languages every month. According to Microsoft, people use Messenger for 163 Billion minute per month, approximately 9.4% of all time spent online worldwide. At peak times there are more than 40 million users signed-on.

You can download the DMG installer (24MB) of Messenger for Mac 8 at Microsoft’s Mactopia download page.

Thanks to Frank Becker (@fpbecker) for the news tip

  • Emil Valsson

    Too bad it doesnt allow multiuser signin like the Windows client does.

    • Tom W

      Yup, there’s a lot lacking that they should really add in. Adium is still better on the mac in my opinion.

  • Simon Andrews

    It’s still so ugly :x

    Hate to sound like a whiner, but I think I’ll stick with Adium.

    • Frank Becker

      Agreed, the UI could have used some more polish.