Microsoft: Move your furniture for Kinect, don’t sell it

By Tom Warren, on 2nd Nov 10 6:40 pm with Comments Off

Funny advice from Kinect manual

Microsoft has some great advice for would-be Kinect owners, move your furniture but don’t sell it.

The advice comes in the form of a picture inside the Kinect manual. Kinect, a controller-less console accessory for Xbox 360, goes on sale in the U.S. in just two days time. Microsoft’s manual for the Kinect advises users to move furniture but not sell it, in comic imagery (see above). IDC research is predicting that Microsoft will sell around 2.5 million to 3 million Kinect units over Christmas. Crucially, this figure is more than IDC predicts for Sony’s Move controller (around 2 million). Newmax, who manufacture the optical lens used in Microsoft’s Kinect sensors say they will ship as many as 14 million units in 2010.

Winrumors recently reported that Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 console accessory is selling out at various retailers. Amazon’s U.S. store and Best Buy’s online site are not taking any more pre-orders for Kinect. Retailers in the UK, including Amazon, have also reported high pre-orders.

The Kinect sensor is a horizontal bar that sits at the base of your TV. The device has an RGB camera, depth sensor and multi-array microphone which runs proprietary software. Kinect allows for full-body 3D motion capture, facial recognition, and voice recognition. Owners will be able to interact with games titles using just their body. Pausing TV and fast forwarding movies can be achieved using a mix of hand movements and voice control.

The software giant has confirmed there will be over 15 launch titles for Kinect in the run up to the crucial holiday season. If pre-orders are anything to rely on then it’s likely that the company has a hit on its hands in time for Christmas.

Thanks to @hasanahmad for the news tip